Drivecam Reveals Riskiest Driving Behaviors

Drivecam Reveals Riskiest Driving Behaviors

June is​ the National Safety Month. Now, as​ part of​ this​ whole campaign, DriveCam Inc. has most recently announced that it​ is​ supporting this​ event and​ would be doing this​ by highlighting the risky driving behaviors. These behaviors would be those that would most likely lead to​ collisions and​ accidents. DriveCam Inc. is​ a​ Driver Risk Management (DRM) company.

According to​ DriveCam Inc., by revealing these risky driving behaviors, they would be able to​ heighten awareness. and​ by doing this, they would also be able to​ help out in​ improving safety for​ everybody who is​ on​ the road or​ even just on​ the side of​ the road.

this​ is​ indeed a​ good way to​ heighten the awareness of​ people and​ drivers. The National Safety Month was first established in​ 1996 by the National Safety Council. this​ is​ all in​ part of​ the statistics that they have gathered which informed them that motor vehicle crashes have been the leading cause of​ accidental death and​ injury. Their statistics continue to​ show this​ fact. as​ per the figures for​ the year 2018, it​ shows that there were 110,000 accidental deaths for​ that year. However, the upsetting fact is​ that out of​ this​ huge number, 46,200 Americans have died in​ motor vehicle collisions plus some 2.4 million​ that were seriously injured. and​ as​ part of​ the studies, most accidents started from risky driving behaviors.

on​ DriveCam Inc’s end, they were able to​ take in​ facts and​ data from the commercial fleets that used their products. They were able to​ get thousands of​ videos that recorded events of​ unusual driving behavior as​ well as​ risky driving behavior. They studied their data and​ they have identified seven common​ risky driving activities that could be the results of​ crashes. The list included following too close or​ tailgating; poor awareness when approaching intersections; driving while distracted; not looking far enough on​ the road ahead; speeding and​ driving too fast; fatigue; and​ passing and​ risky lane change.

Drivecam Reveals Riskiest Driving Behaviors

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