Drive Free Traffic To Your Website By Writing Articles

Drive Free Traffic To Your Website By Writing Articles

One of​ the​ best ways to​ drive traffic to​ your website is​ by writing articles. Getting your own articles written,​ distributed and published on​ the​ Internet is​ one of​ the​ very best Internet marketing techniques in​ existence.

Once you have become an​ author of​ an​ article,​ you become an​ instant authority. When visitors locate and read your article they could obtain some useful information from it. They would most probably appreciate you. When appreciation turns into trust,​ it​ is​ very likely that would click the​ link in​ your article resource box to​ visit your website to​ get more information.

Chances of​ them signing up with you in​ one of​ your recommended business opportunities or​ buy one of​ your recommended products would be greatly enhanced.

The question is​ how to​ write the​ relevant articles which might demand some of​ your effort and time?

If you are good in​ writing and enjoy doing it,​ you might decide to​ write your own articles. Otherwise you could join an​ article cooperative to​ get access to​ private label articles or​ hire someone to​ write articles for you.

Let’s discuss the​ differences of​ these 3 possibilities:

1) Do Your Own Research and Write Your Own Articles.
The main advantage of​ writing your own articles is​ that it's "free" and it​ would give you a​ sense of​ pride in​ accomplishment. You might enjoy writing articles to​ share your experience in​ Internet online business. the​ downside is​ that it'd take up some of​ your time to​ conduct some research work.

2) Join an​ Article Cooperative to​ Get Pre-written Articles.
A recommended article cooperative is​ InfoGoRound where you could get hundreds of​ pre-written articles for a​ small enrollment fee. From these you could choose those discussing subjects related to​ the​ content of​ your website. These are referred to​ as​ the​ "Private label articles” which you have full permission to​ use and also add your own name and article resource box to​ the​ article as​ the​ author.

3) Hire Someone to​ Write Articles For You.
If you are not comfortable writing your own articles or​ if​ you find it​ too much a​ hassle especially when you're new to​ this business or​ if​ you do not fancy pre-written articles due to​ lack of​ originality,​ you could use an​ article ghost writing service such as​ Just Articles to​ put your own ideas into writing.

For a​ relatively small fee you can get your articles written very quickly.

For article marketing on​ the​ Internet,​ articles written with between 400-700 words would suffice. it​ goes without saying that your articles must be relevant to​ your Internet business. Hence topic of​ your articles should be related to: "working at​ home",​ "home based business",​ "Internet marketing",​ "making money online",​ "promoting a​ website",​ etc.

The next question is​ how can you ensure that your articles will reach the​ maximum amount of​ potential web visitors?

Below are some routes you can use:

1) Submit to​ Article Directories
The best place to​ submit your articles are Article Directories. Many publishers of​ websites,​ blogs,​ and ezines visit the​ sites of​ these Directories. Hence your articles will be quickly exposed to​ people who have a​ large amount of​ traffic.

2) Submit to​ Article Lists/Newsletters
The next step is​ to​ submit your articles to​ article lists such as​ newsletters on​ Yahoo and Topica. Articles from such sources are normally better received by publishers. Hence when a​ submission is​ done by you via an​ article list,​ publishers have more confidence in​ your articles and would very likely use them.

3) Approach Individual Related Websites
Many Websites focus on​ providing valuable information and educational materials to​ their readers. You could submit your articles to​ these sites if​ your articles are relevant to​ what they need. it​ is​ best that you only contact sites where the​ readers would have an​ interest in​ the​ topic of​ your article.

4) Search Through Ezine Directories
Once your articles have been submitted to​ directories and article lists as​ mentioned earlier,​ you could start contacting individual publishers such as​ the​ publishers of​ ezines that are related to​ your topic. Choose those who accept articles and write to​ them and convince them that your articles would be of​ value for their purpose.

5) Give the​ Articles to​ Your New Affiliate members
To help your affiliates especially the​ newly "recruited" ones,​ you could give them your articles as​ a​ way to​ help promote your site. They could either publish them as​ they are or​ they could substitute your link with theirs in​ the​ resource box of​ the​ article. They would be impressed by such generous gesture from you.

In conclusion,​ submitting your articles and getting them re-published on​ others' websites and newsletters/ezines is​ one of​ the​ most powerful Internet marketing strategies. Your articles will then start working as​ a​ free advertisement for you forever. And you do not have to​ pay even a​ dime for such advertising space. You will continue to​ enjoy free traffic driven to​ your website for a​ long,​ long time!

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