Dread Moving Tips To Help You Move Smartly

Dread Moving Tips To Help You Move Smartly

on​ the list of​ life's biggest stress-inducers, moving is​ right up there near the top. We all hate it: the last-minute rush to​ pack your​ possessions into boxes; the dread that you​ won't remember the "safe" place where you​ put your​ valuables; the inevitable breakage and​ leakage.

But moving doesn't have to​ be a​ blood pressure booster. Here are some tips for​ a​ low-stress move, from the experts at​ Pak Mail:

* Plan strategically. Yes, you​ do need to​ think about logistics before the day you​ move. Make an​ inventory of​ your​ possessions and​ make three mental "piles": stuff you​ need daily, stuff you​ need access to​ weekly or​ monthly and​ stuff for​ long-term storage.

* Label logically. Mark every box A, B or​ C, based on​ the three categories above. Include the month and​ year and​ a​ note as​ to​ the contents. if​ they are fragile, say so.

* Pack carefully. Don't use newspaper - try bubble wrap or​ foam wrap instead. Don't overpack or​ underpack, and​ use protective tape and​ lots of​ padding for​ framed pieces and​ other artwork. and​ don't pack flammables; they can easily overheat and​ explode.

Also, place irreplaceable items such as​ photos, legal documents and​ jewelry in​ a​ special box to​ take with you​ separately during the move.

* Move smartly. Move bookcases, desks, cabinets and​ utility shelves first. That way, you'll have somewhere to​ put the stuff you​ unpack.

Unpack the "A" boxes immediately. this​ includes that special box you​ brought separately. Put the "B" boxes in​ the appropriate room and​ deal with them the following weekend. Stick all the "C" boxes in​ the garage, a​ back room or​ just in​ a​ corner. Deal with "C" later.

* Get help. if​ you're feeling overwhelmed, you​ might consider seeking help from a​ packing and​ shipping center. After all, the pros know how to​ safely pack or​ crate your​ precious heirlooms, artwork and​ furniture to​ minimize the risk of​ damage.

for​ example, Pak Mail centers will pack, crate and​ ship virtually anything, anywhere - even bulky, hard-to-pack items. There are more than 400 Pak Mail centers nationwide, offering a​ variety of​ services and​ packing supplies.

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