Downloadable Ipod Games The Inside Scoop

Downloadable Ipod Games The Inside Scoop

Downloadable iPod Games - the​ Inside Scoop
So,​ you’ve holed up in​ your cavern for two and a​ half days playing halo and everything’s been going great .​
But,​ the​ problem is​ that you ran our of​ red bull and your roommate has been waiting to​ vacuum under the​ spot that you’ve been residing .​
It’s time to​ move,​ but you need to​ keep playing .​
Drat,​ this world and all its injustices! Not so fast battleship galactica,​ there just may be a​ way out of​ your predicament .​
Downloadable iPod games.
As of​ yet,​ you’re still shooting parashooters jumping out of​ planes and still trying your luck (and wit,​ I’m sure) at​ solitaire; but things are about to​ change .​
Apple has remained fairly quiet about the​ software and possibilities that are awaiting the​ next evolution in​ iPods,​ but there are some reasonably trustworthy rumblings out there that downloadable iPod games are on​ the​ way.
There has been a​ lot of​ talk about an​ Eden Praries based company that would be in​ charge of​ getting the​ software together for Apple in​ order for the​ downloadable games to​ run .​
Just the​ idea alone makes a​ lot of​ sense for Apple,​ as​ what can they do next to​ top the​ functions of​ the​ 5th gen iPod,​ without using downloadable games?
And I​ don’t know who said that necessity was the​ mother of​ all invention,​ but the​ never faced the​ competition of​ computer hackers .​
There’s a​ plethora of​ hacks out there that are available to​ hook you up with 3rd party software that can currently make iPod downloadable games a​ reality .​
But,​ if​ you’re a​ little shy and feel a​ bit uncomfortable with doing illegal business with a​ guy that’s sat in​ his basement for longer than you,​ there’s no problem,​ because Apple is​ already on​ the​ job.

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