Download Ipod Nano Songs

Download Ipod Nano Songs
Download Ipod Nano song is​ not difficult as​ long as​ you know what you are doing,​ and one of​ the​ best features is​ that it​ doesn't matter whether you have a​ regular Ipod,​ Ipod Nano or​ even Ipod Video! Keep reading,​ and I'll show you just how to​ do it...
For this article,​ I​ am assuming that you already have the​ songs you want to​ download on​ your computer,​ or​ that they are on​ a​ CD .​
If you haven't got them in​ this form,​ and are looking to​ download free songs for your Ipod Nano,​ please see the​ links at​ the​ bottom of​ this article.
Step 1-
You should have the​ Itunes program on​ your computer,​ ideally the​ current version .​
If you need to​ get it,​ connect to​ to​ update your version .​
It doesn't take long to​ update to​ the​ current version ,​ and it​ should be easy to​ do.
Step 2-
Before you can download Ipod Nano songs onto your Ipod,​ you must rip the​ songs from your CDs and put them into Itunes .​
This is​ quite an​ easy task,​ but if​ you need help with this,​ Itunes will help you with the​ built in​ guide
Now that your songs are downloaded into Itunes,​ you will have to​ use the​ Ipod connecting lead to​ join your Ipod to​ a​ USB socket on​ your computer .​
It is​ then easy to​ drag and drop the​ songs from Itunes onto the​ Ipod .​
You will probably have to​ wait a​ little time for the​ Ipod to​ register and store all the​ songs,​ so don't disconnect it​ before it​ has finished.
Step 4-
You can now listen to​ your downloaded tunes whenever you want to!
It is​ really pretty easy to​ download Ipod Nano songs if​ you already have them on​ CD,​ but assuming you want to​ download some new songs online,​ you can do one of​ two things. .​
1-Use Itunes,​ where you have to​ pay for each song individually,​ or​ 2- Find a​ few good free download sites .​
These sites can be very useful indeed if​ you find some which are trustworthy,​ and I​ have done my research and found 3 of​ the​ best for you,​ which you can find by clicking the​ links below .​
Downloading songs for your Ipod or​ Nano or​ video or​ any other kind of​ Ipod needn't be difficult or​ expensive,​ as​ we​ have shown you here! If you find this useful why not pass it​ on​ to​ a​ friend with the​ link on​ the​ top right?

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