Download Free Ipod Nano Song

Download Free Ipod Nano Song
There are two easy ways to​ download a​ free Ipod Nano song,​ or​ even songs for any other Ipod come to​ think of​ it .​
a​ lot of​ people are confused by this,​ so I'm hoping you will find that this article will help you.
The starting point for many people is​ to​ take the​ songs on​ their CD collection,​ and download them to​ their Ipod .​
If you start here,​ then you have immediately got some songs to​ listen to,​ and you don't need to​ pay any money to​ do it! It can be done like this:
Step 1-
Start your computer,​ and make sure you are connected to​ the​ internet .​
You need the​ Itunes program,​ so download that if​ you haven't already done so,​ and be sure you have the​ latest version .​
Neither the​ download nor the​ update take very long.
Step 2-
Now we​ need to​ rip the​ songs from your CD collection to​ get them on​ to​ the​ computer .​
This is​ not difficult to​ do,​ Itunes can do all of​ the​ work .​
It can take quite a​ bit of​ time if​ you have a​ lot of​ CDs,​ so allow an​ hour or​ two if​ you've got a​ lot of​ music to​ rip.
Step 3-
Use the​ USB lead to​ connect the​ computer and your Ipod .​
As soon as​ the​ two pieces of​ equipment recognise each other,​ simply use drag and drop to​ move your chosen songs onto the​ Ipod .​
Ipods are not necessarily quick,​ especially the​ Nanos,​ so you may have to​ wait a​ bit while the​ download finishes..
Step 4-
When you have finished this,​ you can listen to​ your downloads .​
That really is​ all there is​ to​ it​ for the​ first way to​ download free Ipod Nano song.
Another way of​ downloading free music is​ by finding a​ good free mkusic download site,​ and downloading some music from it .​
This is​ not easy though,​ as​ many of​ the​ sites claiming to​ offer free downloads will make you pay a​ per download fee,​ and some can even be dangerous to​ your computer or​ Ipod,​ by infecting them with unwanted software..
If you can find some download sites that you can trust,​ you will probably find it​ well worth your while .​
Most of​ the​ best sites will charge you a​ one off fee to​ join the​ site,​ which goes towards the​ upkeep of​ their servers and software .​
This should ensure that the​ site will have good quality downloads,​ and download at​ a​ reasonable speed .​
I​ have done some research into these sites,​ and ome of​ the​ best of​ these can be found in​ the​ links at​ the​ end of​ this article
I hpoe this article has helped you to​ understand better how to​ download free Ipod Nano songs .​
Once you have gotten used to​ the​ method,​ you should find there is​ no limit on​ what you can do with it .​
If you did find this useful,​ why not pass it​ on​ to​ a​ friend using the​ link at​ the​ top right?

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