Download Dvd To Ipod How Its Done

Download Dvd To Ipod .​
How It's done
If you want to​ avoid the​ incredibly high download fees that are charged by some websites,​ it​ may be a​ good idea to​ download your own DVDs to​ your Ipod .​
You can,​ if​ you want to,​ carry aroungd your entire DVD collection on​ your little Ipod,​ so you can watch it​ whenever you choose .​
The tips in​ this article will help you to​ do this
Download DVD To Ipod-Step 1-
You should start by getting hold of​ some software .​
The software you need is​ called a​ ripper,​ and it​ will rip the​ contents of​ the​ DVD,​ and change them into a​ format compatible with your Ipod .​
You have a​ bit of​ choice here,​ with programs available by,​ for example,​ Imtoo and Xilisoft .​
Use the​ search engines to​ get what you need,​ and make sure that the​ software you choose can convert the​ files into MP4 format,​ the​ format of​ your video Ipod.
Download DVD To Ipod Step 2-
Now that you have got hold of​ the​ software,​ just follow the​ developer's instructions for ripping the​ content from your DVD .​
Save the​ file to​ a​ place on​ your computer so it​ is​ easy for you to​ find it,​ and don't forget that the​ content of​ the​ DVD will need to​ be set up before you do the​ ripping,​ so if​ you need something like subtitles,​ make sure that is​ set up first .​
Download DVD To Ipod Step 3-
Once you have the​ ripped content on​ your computer,​ you can use the​ software that you have to​ change the​ content to​ the​ MP4 format .​
More often than not content that you rip from DVDs will be in​ AVI format,​ which is​ not compatible with an​ Ipod,​ and therefore you need to​ convert the​ file .​
Download DVD To Ipod Step 4-
Once the​ content that you have ripped is​ converted to​ MP4,​ you can open Itunes and upload the​ file .​
This is​ a​ different process for different versions of​ Itunes,​ so you might like to​ update to​ the​ latest version of​ Itunes before you follow the​ instructions .​
As soon as​ Itunes is​ pointed at​ the​ content you want to​ transfer to​ your Ipod,​ you can download it​ directly to​ the​ Ipod as​ usual,​ and watch it​ whenever you want to​ .​
There you have it,​ simple instructions for downloading from DVD to​ Ipod in​ only four easy steps! Hopefully you found this useful,​ and helpful in​ transferring your DVD collection to​ your Ipod .​
If you want to​ get some free Ipod downloads,​ you can check the​ link at​ the​ bottom of​ this article.

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