Do Writing Groups Really Help

You want to​ write about that heroine driving you insane or​ the​ hero of​ her dreams,​ but how to​ start? I suggest writing groups; you will find them both on​ the​ Internet and off. in​ your town or​ out of​ another country,​ but nowhere you go or​ where you look you will find the​ group that is​ right for you. How do I know,​ how can I be sure? Well i personally Co-Own my own group and am the​ member of​ another. I can tell you that my second novel would have not made it​ to​ paper without my writing group helping me through the​ rewrites and rough drafts,​ the​ writers block,​ and getting the​ heroine and the​ hero finally get together. No without them,​ my second book would still be driving me insane to​ finish it.

I can also attest that without the​ help of​ the​ first writing group i joined i would not have ever gotten my first novel published. They kept me from going to​ the​ wrong people how to​ format the​ manuscript and what it​ really took to​ submit the​ book to​ the​ Publisher.

Yes,​ writing groups have helped my career immensely,​ however finding the​ right group for you is​ the​ key to​ getting the​ right help. Therefore,​ what to​ look for when picking out that perfect group. First off,​ I suggest making sure; they offer both honest critiques and helpful feedback.
Secondly what type of​ critique submission ratio they have,​ many offer a​ 2 to​ 1 ratio,​ which means for every two critiques you do you can submit one chapter for help with. You also need to​ see how many critiques and submissions are required to​ remain active.

Another thing to​ consider is​ whether the​ moderator and owner are actively participants in​ the​ group,​ or​ just run by other people. How many members are in​ the​ group and whether or​ not chats are encouraged between members? in​ addition,​ do they accept multiple genres or​ just one?

Knowing each of​ these can help you find the​ perfect group for you.

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