Do I Need Mental Health Help

Do I Need Mental Health Help

Do I ​ Need Mental Health Help?
With extreme emotional issues,​ we often have no problem deciding whether we need to​ see a​ counselor or​ not; however,​ with a​ slight discomfort,​ a​ few bad days,​ we cant always make that decision. Ask yourself the​ following questions and truthfully answer yes or​ no.
*Do you​ get honest satisfaction from simple pleasures?
*Do you​ have respect for yourself?
*Can you​ laugh at​ your own errors?
*Do you​ feel capable of​ dealing with situations as​ they come your way?
* Can you​ accept displays of​ your own emotions fear,​ anger,​ jealousy,​ guilt,​ worry?
* Do you​ have personal relationships that are satisfying and lasting?
* Do you​ trust others and assume that others will trust you?
* Do you​ respect people who differ from you?
* Do you​ refuse to​ be pushed around and refuse satisfaction from it?
* Can you​ feel you​ are a​ part of​ a​ group?
* Are you​ able to​ love somebody?
* Do you​ accept as​ much responsibility as​ comes your way?
* Do you​ make your own decisions?
* Do you​ deal with your problems as​ they arise?
* Do you​ shape your environment whenever possible and adjust to​ it​ whenever necessary?
Count up the​ number of​ no answers. if​ you​ don't have any,​ you​ are exceptional. a​ couple of​ no answers is​ normal and is​ absolutely nothing to​ be concerned about. If,​ however,​ you​ answered no to​ more than five questions,​ there is​ a​ good chance you​ could benefit from some type of​ counseling to​ help get you​ back on​ track.
The fact you​ are able to​ take this test is​ a​ good indicator that,​ with the​ proper counseling,​ you​ will be fine. Just don't let it​ go until more answers turn to​ no. you​ deserve enjoying the​ best mental health possible. don't neglect it.

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