Do Car Rental Companies Accept International Driving Permits Idp

Do Car Rental Companies Accept International Driving Permits Idp

if​ an​ individual from the United States is​ visiting another country or​ an​ individual from another country is​ visiting the United States, an​ International Driving Permit will be needed to​ be able to​ rent a​ car in​ a​ country other than your​ own. Even rental car companies that have branches in​ different countries will need to​ see an​ International Driving Permit before the individual will be allowed to​ rent a​ vehicle in​ that country. There are several requirements that need to​ be met before an​ IDP will be issued and​ the permits are not valid in​ every country.

The International Driving Permit is​ a​ special license that is​ used by tourists in​ a​ different country that allows them to​ operate a​ motor vehicle in​ that country, without having to​ take the driving test required to​ obtain​ a​ driver’s license in​ that country. this​ document indicates to​ the officials and​ rental car companies in​ another country that the individual has been judged competent to​ drive in​ their home country. The individual must already possess a​ valid driver’s license in​ their home country and​ be over the age of​ 18 before an​ IDP will be issued to​ them.

this​ permit is​ used in​ conjunction​ with the driver’s license issued by the individual’s country of​ origin​ and​ both must be carried by the individual at​ all times when operating a​ vehicle in​ another country. it​ is​ not a​ license to​ operate a​ motor vehicle on​ its own. if​ the individual is​ stopped for​ a​ traffic violation​ in​ the country that they are visiting, both the IDP and​ the individual’s personal diver’s license must be surrendered to​ the authorities. The International Driving Permit contains information​ written in​ eleven different languages to​ ensure that local law enforcement will be able to​ understand​ the information.

The IDP permit is​ not extendable or​ renewable and​ is​ valid for​ only one year from the date of​ issue. Every time a​ new IDP is​ required, the applicant will have to​ complete a​ new application​ form. When applying for​ the permit, you​ must complete the application​ and​ provide two passport size photos and​ a​ photocopy of​ both the front and​ the back of​ your​ valid drivers’ license. The IDP document is​ the size of​ a​ standard passport, complete with photograph and​ vital statistics and​ should be carried with you​ at​ all times.

The International Driving Permit is​ a​ must have if​ visiting a​ different country, even if​ the individual is​ not planning on​ obtaining a​ rental car in​ the country that they are visiting. The International Driving Permit gives the individual another form of​ photo identification​ and​ is​ printed in​ a​ number of​ different languages to​ allow local individuals to​ read and​ understand​ the information, a​ great help if​ other forms of​ identification​ are lost or​ are not understood by local officials. Because the International Driving Permit is​ recognized in​ more than 150 countries around the world, it​ provides a​ valuable piece of​ identification​ for​ the individual and​ can assist the individual in​ times of​ crisis.

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