Discovering Your Passion And Purpose

Discovering Your Passion And Purpose

“I can’t seem to​ discover why I’m on​ the planet.”

“What is​ my purpose here? I know there’s something I’m supposed to​ be doing, but I don’t know how to​ find out what it​ is.”

“I don’t seem to​ be passionate about anything.”

I’ve heard these complaints over and​ over from my clients.

Discovering our passion​ and​ purpose is​ vital to​ our joy and​ well-being. The problem is​ that many people have lost touch with any sense of​ their passion​ and​ purpose and​ have no idea how to​ access this​ information.

The blueprint for​ this​ information​ lies within​ our core Self, our essence, the true Self that is​ often buried during our early years. if​ our true Self was not seen and​ validated by our parents, teachers, or​ other caregivers, it​ is​ likely to​ have gone underground. The self many of​ know as​ our “self” is​ generally our wounded self, our ego, the self we created to​ get love and​ avoid pain. Our wounded self has within​ it​ all of​ our fears and​ false beliefs, and​ does not have access to​ what is​ true for​ us.

How, then, do we discover our passion​ and​ purpose if​ the blueprint for​ this​ information​ is​ long buried? The good news is​ that while it​ is​ buried, it​ is​ not lost. Anyone can reclaim this​ information​ if​ you​ are willing to​ do the inner work of​ healing your​ wounded self.

I’ve worked with thousands of​ clients who, as​ they practice the Inner Bonding process that I teach (see our FREE course at​, gradually heal their fears and​ false, limiting beliefs to​ the point where their true Self comes peeking out. this​ is​ the vital, alive aspect of​ ourselves, the aspect of​ us that just wants to​ joyfully express ourselves in​ the world. as​ you​ allow this​ aspect to​ emerge, you​ will gradually discover what truly brings you​ joy.

in​ our society, we tend to​ ignore our special talents and​ choose our careers according to​ what will give us a​ sense of​ security. Too often, however, what makes us feel safe does not fulfill us spiritually. for​ example, Roger worked for​ many years as​ an​ attorney, but he never enjoyed it. He made lots of​ money, yet when he consulted with me he was suffering from anxiety and​ depression. He had become an​ attorney because his father had been an​ attorney and​ wanted Roger to​ follow in​ his footsteps. Roger had gone along with what his father wanted for​ him because he didn’t know what else he wanted and​ now, in​ midlife, he was miserable. He yearned to​ discover his passion.

A few months after starting to​ practice Inner Bonding, Roger remembered that he had really wanted to​ be a​ teacher. He had never seriously considered teaching because he felt he couldn’t make enough money, but now he was willing to​ make far less money because he was so unhappy with his present work. Roger went back to​ school and​ got his teaching credential and​ is​ now a​ high school social studies teacher. The last time I spoke with him he was radiant! He loved working with adolescents, and​ he felt he was making a​ real contribution​ to​ their lives. for​ the first time ever, he felt alive and​ passionate about his life. His wife decided to​ take up some of​ the financial slack by doing something she had always wanted to​ do: design children’s clothing. She started her own mail-order business and​ is​ thrilled with it. Their marriage and​ family life is​ flourishing because both of​ them are happy and​ fulfilled within​ themselves.

Ricki came to​ see me because she was so unhappy working as​ a​ controller of​ a​ big import business. Yet she had no idea what else she wanted to​ do. it​ took about a​ year of​ practicing Inner Bonding before her true Self told her that she wanted to​ be a​ nutritionist. Ricki hadn’t wanted to​ hear her true Self because she didn’t want to​ go back to​ school. Finally she was so unhappy that she decided to​ listen. She is​ now back in​ school enjoying discovering her passion.

While it​ may not always be possible to​ change your​ work immediately to​ something you​ love, if​ you​ follow your​ passion, it​ will often lead you​ there. and​ even when you​ have to​ earn money in​ ways that do not express your​ soul, you​ can seek volunteer opportunities and​ hobbies to​ express who you​ are. Often these can lead to​ the work that you​ will eventually do.

Alfredo worked as​ a​ manager of​ a​ large supermarket. With his small savings, he decided to​ start pursuing a​ hobby that had always fascinated him - restoring old cars. He used all his extra money to​ buy his first old car and​ spent many blissful hours restoring it. He was so good at​ it, he was able to​ sell his restored cars for​ a​ lot of​ money. Eventually he was able to​ quit his job at​ the market and​ pursue his passion​ full time. Ultimately he started a​ project in​ a​ prison​ teaching inmates to​ restore cars. Alfredo now loves what he does and​ receives great satisfaction​ from helping others.

your​ soul has a​ deep desire for​ you​ to​ express yourself in​ ways that brings you​ joy. it​ is​ your​ job to​ discover what that is​ and​ to​ bring it​ about.

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