Discovering The World Of Babies

How dull this​ world would be had we no babies to​ tend! Imagine the monotony of​ sounds without their contagious giggles, pitiful cries, and​ puzzling babbles. Oh how awful it​ would be without their incredible innocence or​ their charming naughtiness, what with their ways that can open a​ whole new world of​ perspective for​ us adults.

But whether for​ you​ babies are powerful tiny persons or​ cherubs sent from above, there is​ a​ wealth of​ things to​ know about these little humans (just when you​ thought you​ knew them all!).

Do you​ know that daily naps are vital not only to​ aid their physical growth? Daily naps are recommended, for​ without them babies will become hyperactive or​ fussier as​ the day wears on. Babies are indeed energetic but they do need breaks, you​ know. So send them to​ snooze, regularly! Oh, you​ know that already?

How about the reason​ why toys come in​ attractive colors? Why playpens have soft, dangling items on​ them that infants can’t help but stare at​ for​ long? What’s going on​ as​ they see these bright colors and​ hear these chimes?

Speaking of​ toys, what does the Lion​ Mark symbol that you​ see attached to​ some toys signify? How are these different from the ones without the mark? There are toys that are specified for​ 0 to​ 6 months babies only and​ toys for​ 6 to​ 12 months, but would you​ know which is​ for​ which if​ there weren’t any age advice stamped on​ them? Why bother to​ care when they grow to​ reach that age sooner than you’d realize, anyway?

Do you​ know how to​ make bath time fun for​ them, instead of​ torture? What bathing strategies should you​ employ for​ the newborn? How about for​ a​ toddler who can easily jump out of​ the tub and​ splash water all over (reminds you​ of​ Calvin​ and​ his Hobbes, right?).

What should you​ feed these babies? What should you​ have them wear? These topics seem basic but would you​ not like to​ know the recent findings about nutrition? The recent trends and​ developments in​ baby clothing to​ give them ultimate comfort and​ protection?

in​ traveling, when is​ it​ safe to​ have a​ baby on​ the front passenger seat? is​ it​ okay to​ use an​ infant carrier as​ a​ car seat? What tests should you​ do to​ make certain​ a​ baby will be secure in​ the car, whether on​ front or​ on​ the rear seat?

How can you​ avoid baby bottle tooth decay? Why do babies pull their ears – could it​ be related to​ teething or​ to​ ear infection? What is​ an​ exersaucer? When and​ how should you​ toilet-train​ them? What novelty gift ideas are available so you​ can have something truly helpful for​ your​ mom-to-be friend?

if​ you​ do not know the answers to​ these questions, or​ know only a​ little, or​ would want to​ know more apart from the above topics, it’s time to​ discover these babies’ info! Parents, parents-to-be, nannies, those whose careers are related to​ babies and​ practically anyone can benefit from the knowledge about babies. for​ the love of​ them, for​ the love from them… discover babies now!

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