Discovering The Tanzania Safari

Discovering The Tanzania Safari

The Northern Game Parks in​ Tanzania are famous for​ the wildlife migration​ which continues its annual cycle through the Serengeti and​ the Maasai Mara in​ Kenya. this​ event is​ without doubt one of​ the most exhilarating natural spectacles on​ the planet. The awesome beauty of​ the Ngorongoro caldera literally takes your​ breath away and​ there can be no finer view to​ awake to​ than from one of​ the lodges on​ the crater rim. The wild landscapes of​ Tarangire with its huge baobab trees contrast with the wide open plains of​ Serengeti. Lake Manyara offers the rare chance to​ spot tree climbing lions and​ a​ variety of​ adventure activities from the escarpment overlooking the lake.

Tanzania is​ becoming increasingly visited and​ deservedly so, however there is​ so much more to​ Tanzania than the Northern Circuit of​ parks. Most safaris want to​ incorporate the Great Migration​ as​ it​ is​ so spectacular and​ is​ the world’s last surviving great migration. There is​ a​ problem that the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and​ Kilimanjaro have become so popular that drastic steps are being taken to​ divert people elsewhere in​ Tanzania.

Tanzania has so much more to​ offer than just the Serenegei and​ Ngorongoro Crater. in​ the remote and​ almost inaccessible Western Tanzania is​ the fantastic Katavi National Park. There is​ only one lodge here at​ the moment and​ visitors experience one million​ hectares to​ themselves. this​ park is​ wonderful, remote and​ spectacular. There are huge herds of​ buffalo here – up to​ three thousand​ strong and​ lions prefer to​ dine on​ buffalo, so there are lion​ here in​ abundance. if​ you​ really want to​ feel you​ are in​ Africa proper like the early explorers then this​ is​ the place to​ be.

There is​ the Selous Game reserve in​ the South and​ this​ reserve is​ huge and​ remote, although more accessible than Katavi. The game in​ this​ park is​ truly wild as​ they have not had chance to​ become habituated to​ humans and​ vehicles. The lodges here are few and​ very good quality and​ they offer a​ game safari along the majestic Rufiji River. From this​ park there is​ a​ short flight to​ Mafia Island​ which offers a​ secluded Island​ holiday with fantastic diving and​ secure white beaches.

for​ the energetic there is​ the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, this​ is​ a​ park that boasts no roads and​ pristine rain​ forests. this​ park was created primarily for​ the protection​ of​ flora rather than fauna.

There are West and​ East Usambara Mountains where the world’s favorite flower the African Violet was discovered. Saadani Bay is​ where the bush meets the sea, elephants and​ lions have been spotted on​ the beach, a​ truly unique experience along the East African Coast.

The list could go on. Tanzania offers so much you​ could spend a​ life time exploring this​ corner of​ East Africa. this​ country is​ mosaic of​ mysteries and​ contradictions. to​ discover it, to​ drink in​ the rich culture and​ diverse landscapes involves moving around the country, not racing from one location​ to​ the next. to​ do this​ will results in​ safari fatigue. Chose wisely and​ take your​ time to​ discover, slowly slowly is​ the only way to​ savor and​ come to​ know, just a​ little, the magic that is​ Tanzania.

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