Discovering Msm

MSM is​ a​ wonderful supplement with a​ low toxicity rating that naturally occurs in​ the body and​ targets a​ host of​ issues. Some of​ the problems it​ may help with include hair, skin, nails, muscle fatigue, allergies and​ scar tissue trouble. I have also heard of​ people with cancer utilizing the supplement. Once upon​ a​ time, there was a​ big craze about DSMO and​ how it​ helped arthritis sufferers. it​ has been observed that the solvent DSMO converts to​ MSM when it​ hits the blood stream. Taking MSM may be equivalent to​ using DSMO but without the side effects and​ problems that come with utilizing an​ industrial grade solvent.

What Does it​ Do?

Some of​ the patents I read on​ MSM suggest that MSM basically supplies the body with a​ usable form of​ sulfur, which can be used to​ repair connective tissues, aid in​ joint problems and​ potentially energize a​ system that pulls allergens out of​ our bodies. Studies have been conducted on​ MSM that seem to​ indicate that there has been a​ benefit to​ animals with joint problems.

Scar Tissue

if​ you​ have significant scarring, MSM may help to​ reduce the visible scarring. it​ may help to​ give the skin​ the sulfur it​ needs to​ help in​ restructuring; it​ may also help in​ preventing scars. So if​ you​ have a​ burn or​ jagged cut, it​ might be helpful to​ take MSM during the healing process.

The sulfur is​ useful in​ the process that is​ used to​ build skin; one theory is​ that if​ there isn’t enough sulfur available the process is​ modified resulting in​ scar tissue. Hence, if​ you​ have enough sulfur, you​ could avoid scarring as​ tissue regrows, according to​ that theory.

The Best Part of​ DSMO

Remember the craze about DSMO a​ few years back? it​ was widely used for​ arthritis and​ joint problems. DSMO is​ a​ solvent and​ has some potential side affects. in​ addition, it​ doesn't smell good and​ you​ have to​ wait for​ it​ to​ dry. it​ is​ an​ industrial grade solvent, so it​ is​ not very practical to​ use. Research has shown that DSMO is​ converted into MSM when it​ touches the blood stream. With MSM, you​ can get the benefits of​ DSMO without the potential side effects and​ problems.

Usable Form of​ Sulfur

How does MSM work? it​ provides a​ usable form of​ sulfur to​ the body, which is​ beneficial in​ a​ variety of​ different ways. in​ the case of​ allergies, there is​ a​ protein​ in​ your​ body that is​ used for​ removing allergens and​ free radicals and​ "junk" from your​ system. if​ there is​ not enough sulfur in​ your​ body, this​ great system is​ inhibited from working in​ an​ effective manner. Give your​ body a​ usable form of​ sulfur and​ this​ system becomes much more effective.

Safe for​ Consumption?

MSM may be safe for​ consumption, but I don’t know that the FDA has officially labeled it​ as​ safe for​ consumption​ as​ of​ yet. We do know that it​ is​ found naturally in​ foods such as​ coffee, tea, milk and​ eggs as​ well as​ green leafy vegetables. MSM does naturally occur in​ the body and​ it​ is​ not considered toxic and​ may be comparable to​ water in​ its toxicity.

if​ you​ are concerned about dosages of​ MSM, refer to​ the directions on​ the labeling and​ packaging that MSM comes in. I used to​ take 1,000 mg. two times a​ day, with no side affects.

My experience with MSM was one of​ increased energy. That is, of​ course, a​ subjective experience, but it​ was very real to​ me. Another benefit to​ MSM is​ that it​ is​ supposed to​ make you​ recover faster from working out. it​ might do that by getting rid of​ the waste products inside the muscle quicker, this​ allows the soreness to​ disappear.

Get More Information

To find out more from a​ truly worthy source, go to​ any technical library and​ read the patent research on​ MSM. There are actually several patents associated with MSM and​ I gained a​ great deal from taking the time to​ read them.

this​ article is​ for​ informational purposes only and​ is​ not meant to​ diagnose or​ suggest treatment for​ any health condition. Please consult a​ health care professional if​ you​ have or​ suspect you​ have any health related item for​ proper diagnoses and​ treatment.

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