Discovering Microbrews 455

Discovering Microbrews
Brewed on​ every continent around the world and
enjoyed in​ every nation, beer can quench every type
of​ thirst and​ go down as​ easily as​ spring water
to thick, heady concoctions that resemble that of
the thickest oatmeal.
Just as​ the gourmet blends have conquered a​ large
portion​ of​ the coffee business, handcrafted brews
continue to​ keep a​ firm hold on​ the most serious
of​ beer drinkers .​
There are hundreds of​ thousands
of​ brews out there, which are sure to​ please even
the hardest to​ please.
When it​ comes to​ the gourmet types of​ microbrews,
there are some things to​ keep in​ mind .​
if​ you
are new to​ microbrews and​ gourmet types, you'll
find the tips below to​ be very beneficial.
Start light
When you​ go to​ a​ pub or​ just out to​ drink, you
should start off light with a​ basic lager, pilsner,
or wheat beer .​
After that, you​ can work your​ way
towards the full flavored beers, such as​ porters
and​ Oktoberfest beers .​
These can be very potent,
especially for​ those who don't really drink that
Starting light is​ also good for​ your​ overall
tolerance, as​ drinking light will prepare you​ for
the more potent drinks .​
this​ way, you​ can enjoy
plenty of​ microbrews without having to​ worry
about stopping too early.
The ideal way to​ try new types of​ beer is​ to​ pay
a visit to​ a​ local brewpub .​
Many of​ these small
brewery/restaurants will offer samplers, which
feature small glasses with four to​ five of​ their
most popular beers .​

this​ way, you​ can experience a​ variety of​ beer
tastes without having to​ spend a​ lot of​ money.
Once you​ have tried a​ couple of​ the beers, you'll
know what to​ order .​

Dark beers
if​ you​ are a​ casual beer drinker or​ can handle
your​ tolerance, you​ shouldn't be afraid in​ the
least to​ try dark beers .​
The dark color doesn't
mean that the beer is​ heavier or​ contains more
calories, it​ simply means that the malt in​ the
beer is​ roasted longer or​ roasted to​ a​ more darker
color than most.
Small business
Small businesses and​ small businessmen are yet
another reason​ to​ get into microbrewed beer other
than the taste .​
Local microbrew producers brew
their beers in​ small batches, so you'll be helping
to keep the business afloat, rather than supporting
the large giants of​ the industry.
When you​ know that your​ money is​ going to​ help the
little people, you'll normally find the brew to​ go
down much smoother .​
Small microbreweries need
all the help they can get to​ continue brewing,
which is​ reason​ enough to​ support them .​
You'll get
a great beer for​ your​ money - and​ you'll be
supporting those that actually need your​ help.

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