Discovering Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Discovering Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Until recently,​ shaving,​ plucking,​ waxing,​ and electrolysis were the​ only methods of​ removing unwanted hair. in​ the​ early 1990's,​ the​ first reports of​ using laser energy to​ selectively damage and disable actively growing hair follicles were published,​ and since the​ mid 1990's,​ laser hair removal has become the​ "Gold Standard" for​ the​ management of​ unwanted hair.

People started to​ crave for​ the​ newly discovered laser hair removal,​ but as​ they undertook the​ treatment they found out several side effects. Nonetheless,​ it​ should be noted that the​ side effects are only temporary.

There are several laser hair removal systems available today,​ but they all work using the​ principal of​ selective photothermolysis,​ in​ which a​ carefully timed pulse of​ laser energy passes through the​ skin and is​ absorbed and converted to​ heat energy at​ the​ hair follicle.

Because longer wavelength laser light penetrates deepest,​ the​ most common lasers used are the​ Ruby,​ Alexandrite,​ Diode,​ and Nd:YAG lasers,​ all red or​ infrared lasers. the​ bottom line,​ all of​ these may be the​ cause for​ some side effects that a​ patient may experience.

The possibility exists that some side effects of​ laser hair removal can be one of​ the​ following:

• Redness- this could be an​ initial side effect on​ the​ part of​ the​ client after undergoing the​ laser hair removal which is​ usually caused by the​ heat that transpires on​ the​ skin to​ the​ hair follicles.

• Swelling- this complements the​ redness of​ the​ patient’s skin after treatment.

• Itching- it​ is​ commonly experienced by the​ patients during treatment sessions.

• Pain,​ tingling,​ or​ feeling of​ numbness (cold spray) - this is​ why the​ surgeons advised the​ patients not to​ apply any cream prior to​ the​ treatment that may cause their numbness.

• Crusting/scab formation (on ingrown hairs).

• Bruising- this is​ noted to​ be one of​ the​ rarest cases being brought up by the​ patients after the​ laser hair removal treatment.

• Purpura (Purple Coloring of​ the​ skin) on​ tanned areas- the​ laser hair removal is​ not that advisable for​ individual who have tanned skin because this is​ the​ most crucial problem that they could encounter after treatment.

• Temporary pigment change- it​ could be classified as​ either hypo-pigmentation or​ hyper-pigmentation on​ the​ client’s skin.

Although there are some risks in​ laser hair removal treatment,​ there are still other clients who have tested the​ treatment that have described it​ as​ simply as​ having a​ feeling of​ being snapped by a​ rubber band. Most patients tolerate the​ procedure well,​ but some areas of​ the​ body are more sensitive than others which is​ why they experience these side effects. This is​ very normal even with other forms of​ skin treatments.

Immediate side effects if​ any are frequently minor and short lived. Most people return to​ their normal activities right away.

People should not be upset if​ there are some side effects brought by the​ laser hair removal because the​ lasers that are used at​ out-clinic are non-invasive and are designed to​ be gentle enough to​ treat an​ individual’s sensitive skin and effective enough to​ remove even a​ man’s beard or​ back hair. Each has an​ active cooling system to​ gently treat hair while protecting the​ appearance of​ the​ surrounding skin.

Even though there are a​ few side effects with laser hair removal we​ must bear in​ mind that these are unavoidable,​ and for​ most people the​ outcome still outweighs this annoyance.

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