Discovering The Hotels In Downtown Chicago Illinois

Discovering The Hotels In Downtown Chicago Illinois

"I give you​ Chicago," the journalist H.L Mencken had once written. "It is​ not London​ and​ Harvard. it​ is​ not Paris and​ buttermilk. it​ is​ American in​ every chitling and​ sparerib. it​ is​ alive from snout to​ tail."

Chicago is​ a​ city much romanticized in​ novels and​ movies. But who could blame writers and​ playwrights for​ paying homage to​ this​ great and​ bustling city? Chicago gushes with elan and​ vitality. One of​ the largest cities in​ the state of​ Illinois, Chicago is​ both a​ major business district and​ an​ important seat of​ culture.

Downtown Chicago
Downtown Chicago is​ the most hip and​ popular part of​ the city. The Loop area, in​ particular, is​ known for​ its very tall buildings. in​ the Loop tower massive skyscrapers like the Sears Tower, the Aon​ Center, and​ the John Hancock Center. Downtown Chicago is​ also the industrial area of​ the city, and​ there, major tourist attractions are found alongside offices and​ big financial institutions.

Because of​ the area's popularity, there are numerous luxury hotels in​ downtown Chicago, Illinois. These hotels provide a​ slew of​ lodging choices to​ visitors from far and​ wide. The hotels in​ downtown Chicago, Illinois are known for​ their opulent interiors and​ incomparable customer service. Almost all boast of​ lavish furnishings and​ world-class pampering. it​ is, thus, no wonder that living in​ any of​ the hotels in​ downtown Chicago, Illinois is​ living in​ style. you​ will be made to​ feel like royalty during your​ stay.

High-end Hotels in​ Downtown Chicago
if​ you​ intend to​ stay in​ this​ part of​ the city, be sure to​ check out some of​ the major hotels in​ downtown Chicago, Illinois. These include the Fairmont Hotel, Hotel 71, Amalfi Hotel, Allegro Hotel, Monaco Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, the Congress Plaza Hotel, and​ many others. on​ top of​ ensuring that your​ stay is​ as​ memorable and​ enjoyable as​ possible, these hotels in​ downtown Chicago, Illinois offer a​ wide range of​ services that include dry cleaning, banquet facilities, 24-hour room service, medical assistance, and​ even secretarial and​ translation​ services.

Low-end Hotels in​ Downtown Chicago
If, on​ the other hand, you​ are staying in​ Chicago on​ a​ shoestring budget, there are also a​ number of​ hotels that offer room rooms at​ very affordable rates. in​ some of​ these hotels, you​ can book a​ room for​ as​ low as​ $44 a​ night.

A common​ misconception​ among travelers is​ that cheap hotel equates poor service and​ accommodations. Such is​ not the case. The low-budget hotels in​ downtown Chicago, Illinois offer wonderful amenities and​ services. All have free parking facilities; valet, secretarial, and​ laundry services; televisions, hair dryers, telephones, and​ clock radios inside rooms; and​ continental breakfasts sure to​ please even the most discriminating of​ palates.

Budget-friendly hotels in​ downtown Chicago, Illinois include The Seneca Hotel & Suites, where rooms go for​ as​ low as​ $54. The Sheraton​ Chicago Hotel & Towers and​ The Hilton​ Garden Inn Addison​ also offer rooms for​ $60 and​ $62 respectively.

The price of​ a​ night's stay naturally varies according to​ a​ hotel's rating. Five-star hotels will always be more expensive than three-star or​ four-star ones. Bookings for​ any of​ the hotels in​ downtown Chicago, Illinois may be made online, through sites such as​ Be sure to​ read reviews from fellow travelers, so you​ will have an​ idea of​ what to​ expect.

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