Discovering Heaven

Discovering Heaven

Discovering Heaven
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The scientists at​ Exedor Laboratories got the strangest assignment they ever saw one day in​ October .​
The company specialized in​ using scientific research to​ find out the big mysteries of​ the universe and​ they had done very well in​ the last few years .​
The project they received that day though was the strangest of​ them all and​ the customer who ordered the research was very mysterious.
Hector, the lead scientist read the assignment to​ his research team .​
All of​ the scientists put down their microscopes and​ their special glasses for​ examining things that need to​ be examined and​ buttoned up their white coats to​ listen .​

this​ assignment will be the most difficult of​ all we have done, gentleman .​
Hector said in​ a​ slight German accent .​
We are to​ research the existence of​ Heaven .​
We are to​ gather information​ from every source, every religion​ all around the world and​ prove scientifically that Heaven exists and​ then provide to​ our customers details of​ what it​ will be like and​ how to​ get there.
Well, the staff was pretty confused by their assignment but they got right on​ it .​
Before long, they were fanning out into the libraries and​ around the world to​ find proof​ of​ the existence of​ Heaven .​
Georgiou found that the Heaven called Nirvana is​ not really a​ place at​ all but an​ afterlife where you​ stop existing and​ get absorbed into a​ great nothingness .​
That won’t do Georgiou .​
We would have to​ prove that this​ ‘Great Nothingness’ exists and​ how to​ get there .​
Besides that sounds more like a​ recipe for​ chicken soup than heaven .​
Hector responded sarcastically .​
The big religions all seemed to​ have similar results where the followers worked for​ all their lives really hard or​ over several lives only to​ get sucked up into some nothingness that had no location​ and​ no witness that this​ place really existed .​
Then came the silly ones.
Here is​ one where after you​ die, you​ go to​ a​ large roller rink where you​ play roller dodge ball for​ eternity .​
Philippe reported.
Here is​ one where you​ get your​ own planet and​ you​ get to​ have hundreds of​ wives and​ you​ become a​ god yourself .​
Sydney read from his clipboard .​
Hector I​ don’t know about this​ one .​
I​ can’t keep up with the wife I​ have, hundreds just seems silly .​
He concluded and​ Hector agreed.
Here is​ one where you​ where mouse ears and​ go on​ rides for​ eternity .​
Reported Reginald.
That’s not heaven, that’s Disneyland! Hector objected .​
Gentlemen, these are all really dopey heavens .​
I​ want something we can verify, something that is​ worthy of​ a​ persons eternal soul .​
Something that doesn’t sound like a​ comic book .​
Find me a​ heaven that can be verified with witnesses .​
and​ he sent his scientists out for​ another month of​ research .​
Finally, they gathered for​ their final reports and​ it​ didn’t go much better .​
Scientist after scientist presented their report but there was no proof.
We have to​ have a​ witness, someone who has been to​ heaven and​ came back to​ give us the details .​
Does anybody have such a​ heaven?
I do .​
The shy voice from the back .​
It was Lucy, the daughter of​ Reginald who was only in​ the fifth grade .​
She wasn’t even a​ scientist but Hector was desperate.
Then share your​ findings with the scientific community Lucy, come speak into the microphone .​
The little girl walked to​ the front carrying a​ mysterious looking book in​ her hands .​
Then she spoke.
It’s all in​ this​ book .​
It’s an​ ancient book of​ writings and​ listen to​ this​ .​
’Nobody can tell you​ about heaven except someone who has been there and​ returned again​ to​ take you​ there.
EXACTLY! Hector shouted with excitement .​
Read more little girl.
Ok said Lucy and​ she read in​ my Father's house are many mansions: if​ it​ were not so, I​ would have told you​ .​
I​ go to​ prepare a​ place for​ you​ .​
and​ if​ I​ go and​ prepare a​ place for​ you, I​ will come again, and​ receive you​ unto myself; that where I​ am, there ye may be also .​
and​ whither I​ go ye know, and​ the way ye know .​
Lucy finished reading.
Who said these words? this​ person​ is​ the witness of​ what Heaven is​ like that we need! .​
Hector said frantically.
It’s Jesus .​
Lucy answered holding up the book .​
and​ the book is​ the Bible that everybody has in​ their houses .​
Jesus came down from heaven to​ take us there .​
He tells us all about it .​
Listen to​ how it​ will be: she said and​ then she opened the book to​ read again​ .​

and​ I​ saw a​ new heaven and​ a​ new earth: for​ the first heaven and​ the first earth were passed away; and​ there was no more sea .​
and​ I​ saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of​ heaven, prepared as​ a​ bride adorned for​ her husband​ .​
and​ God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and​ there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain​ .​
and​ it​ had a​ wall great and​ high, and​ had twelve gates, and​ at​ the gates twelve angels, and​ names written there .​
and​ the foundations of​ the wall of​ the city were garnished with all manner of​ precious stones .​
The first foundation​ was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a​ chalcedony; the fourth, an​ emerald; and​ the city had no need of​ the sun, neither of​ the moon, to​ shine in​ it: for​ the glory of​ God did lighten it, and​ the Lamb is​ the light thereof​ .​
and​ the gates of​ it​ shall not be shut at​ all by day: for​ there shall be no night there.
this​ is​ the proof​ we all need .​
Hector prepared .​
this​ little girl has brought the evidence that everyone needs to​ know that there is​ a​ heaven, what it​ looks like and​ that there is​ a​ witness and​ how to​ get there .​
Wait a​ minute, how do we get there Lucy? Hector asked.
you​ accept Jesus into your​ heart and​ you​ become a​ new creature and​ then when everybody is​ ready, Jesus will come back and​ take us all there himself and​ we will have new bodies and​ never get sick or​ die or​ be sad ever again, forever and​ ever and​ ever .​
Lucy answered confidently.
Hector, I​ vote that we all go to​ the lab and​ have Lucy show us how to​ get Jesus in​ our hearts so we can go to​ Heaven for​ more research .​
Philippe moved and​ all the scientists cheered for​ joy at​ the suggestion.
and​ Lucy did just that .​
She took them to​ the chapel instead of​ the lab but one by one each scientist came to​ know Jesus and​ became a​ new creature and​ they prepared their report that pointed to​ the one place we all have but so many of​ us never look, the Bible with the roadmap and​ proof​ that there is​ a​ Heaven an​ that God has a​ plan for​ us to​ live there forever.

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