Discovering Countries Of The World

Discovering Countries Of The World

Do you​ look at​ pictures or​ images of​ faraway countries and​ think to​ yourself, “Someday I’d like to​ personally explore that country.”? Whether the visit is​ perceived as​ a​ cultural or​ business, educational or​ pleasure, days of​ frolic or​ days of​ rest, the visit is​ a​ lesson​ in​ history, culture, geography, nature, and​ people. it​ is​ valuable education. Each moment spent in​ discovering another country helps acquaint the traveler with the life, history, scenic beauty, culture of​ the bigger world. it​ is​ piecing together the puzzle that is​ the real world. So, let us jet off to​ Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, North and​ South America. Let’s learn more about countries unknown and​ expand​ our horizon.

Who can resist the lure of​ South Africa’s majestic landscapes, desert dunes, subtropical forests, legendary safari, pristine white sand​ coast, multitude of​ bird species and​ the richest floral kingdom? South Africa is​ a​ country of​ eleven languages and​ people of​ all colors and​ race living in​ a​ picturesque landscape. Truly irresistible.

Costa Rica is​ home to​ four percent of​ the world’s wildlife species. Lose yourself in​ its vast tropical rainforests. Peep into live volcanoes. Gaze at​ the infinite blue waters of​ the Caribbean. Costa Rica is​ an​ adventure’s paradise.

Italy is​ a​ balance of​ art, history, fashion​ and​ magnificent natural landscapes. Aside from the renowned cities of​ Venice, Rome, Milan, take time to​ visit the charming medieval hill towns, fishing villages like the exquisite Positano on​ the Amalfi coast, vineyards in​ Tuscany and​ the beautiful islands of​ Sicily and​ Sardinia. Sate your​ palate with gastronomic delights of​ authentic pasta paired with good wine. Definitely, it​ is​ a​ feast for​ the eye and​ the palate.

Jamaica in​ the Caribbean is​ more than just Bob Marley and​ reggae. it​ boasts of​ immaculate sand​ and​ pristine waters, spectacular mountains, steep waterfalls and​ the best coffee in​ the world. Indeed, it​ is​ a​ sought after tourist destination.

Whether you​ decide to​ wake up to​ the majestic heights of​ the Himalayas, ride around on​ safaris, sail the backwaters, or​ find tranquility, India will forever captivate her visitors. Kick off with Delhi, divided into old Delhi and​ New Delhi. Visit Red Fort and​ Raj Ghat where the Gandhi Memorial Museum is​ located. . Jaipur, the Land​ of​ Kings is​ known as​ the “pink city” because of​ pink colored buildings. a​ visit to​ India is​ not complete without a​ stop at​ Agra, the most famous Indian destination. it​ is​ home to​ the Taj Mahal, the monument of​ love.

Brazil is​ the land​ of​ samba and​ Rio de Janeiro, one of​ the greatest cities in​ the world. Wake up to​ the sun rising over the Amazon​ rainforest and​ a​ maze of​ water stretching out for​ miles. Stroll along Ipanema Beach where almost everyone is​ sexy and​ beautiful. Take a​ picture of​ Christ the Redeemer towering above the Corcovado Mountain. Drop by the bustling Sao Paolo and​ experience its dynamic nightlife.

China is​ the cultural treasure house of​ East Asia. it​ is​ once dubbed the “sleeping giant” but is​ fast emerging as​ a​ superpower. it​ is, undoubtedly, among the world’s must-see travel destination. it​ has 5000 years of​ history. The Great Wall, Xi’an’s Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square are legendary. a​ city not to​ miss is​ bustling Shanghai with its towering skyscrapers. Soak in​ the breathtaking vistas – the Yangtze River, the Silk Route, the bamboo forests where pandas live and​ more. it​ has 23 World Heritage sites within​ its vast borders.

and​ the itinerary continues… There are lots more countries to​ explore and​ discover. Are you​ excited to​ learn more about the world we are all part of? Travel, read or​ browse the web and​ somehow be connected .

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