Discovered The Secret To Living Longer

Discovered The Secret to​ Living Longer
Everyone wants to​ live longer and​ we spend a​ lot of​ money trying to​ find the secrets to​ living a​ longer life. We buy potions, pills, creams and​ exercise equipment all in​ an effort to​ maintain​ or​ regain​ our youth.
I have nine living uncles and​ aunts and​ the YOUNGEST is​ 79 years old. Even though I ​ will soon​ be 70 I ​ still work and​ play like I ​ did many years ago.
There are too many books on​ How to​ Live Longer but there are some simple recipes for​ living a​ successful long life.
First and​ foremost Plan on​ it. Just that simple. Plan on​ it. Dream about the future no matter what terrible things lay in​ your​ past. No matter what has happened in​ the past, dream about tomorrow. you​ can’t change yesterday but you​ CAN change tomorrow.
LISTEN your​ future STOPS when you​ stop planning your​ future! Did you​ get that? your​ future STOPS when you​ stop planning your​ future!!
God only knows how long I ​ will live but I’m having a​ ball planning my future. Always think about tomorrow and​ you​ won’t lose sight of​ today. Start planning your​ future today!!
I love classic cars. They are my passion. Yesterday’s treasures are a​ serious part of​ my future. How about yours? Check out my website at​ www. gemsofcoloronline. com

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