Discover Your Path To Success Part 3

if​ you​ have read this​ far, we both know you​ are serious about succeeding, getting the most out of​ life, and​ attaining your​ goals.

Now, how do you​ “keep the fire burning” during life’s daily struggle? It’s simple really, but will require the patience to​ take each task into consideration, without doing everything at​ once.

you​ will get the urge to​ make up for​ lost time. you​ now want to​ jump ahead at​ “light speed.” if​ you​ already read Parts One and​ Two of​ this​ series, you​ are way ahead of​ the pack. So many people sit around and​ dream, doubt, or​ just talk, but very few take action​ and​ then stick with it.

The next step is​ to​ get a​ “coach.” you​ are now thinking, coaches are expensive; and​ you​ are right, but you​ don’t have to​ spend much. Here’s how it​ works: Look for​ the most positive person​ you​ can find, see, or​ hear, around you. this​ person​ is​ full of​ positive energy, and​ all you​ have to​ do is​ listen.

you​ can be selective about advice, but realize that positive energy is​ contagious, and​ you​ will walk away from conversations with positive energy, too. on​ the other hand, stay away from negative talk; it​ is​ also contagious.

Are you​ in​ need of​ more positive energy? No problem - read articles like this, read self-improvement books, or​ listen to​ inspirational audio books, to​ instill positive energy within​ you. you​ can’t lose with a​ steady dose of​ positive energy to​ carry you​ through the day.

So how do you​ separate good information​ from bad? Where do you​ start, and​ what, or​ who, would you​ listen to​ first? in​ the last, and​ final article of​ this​ series, I promise to​ reveal some great resources, but for​ now, it’s a​ good idea to​ gain​ positive energy by choosing sources that you​ find interesting.

if​ I lead you​ to​ a​ classic self-improvement book, you​ might find it​ boring.
However, if​ you​ start to​ read something and​ can’t put it​ down, you​ are getting positive energy and​ you​ are enjoying it.

Do yourself a​ favor, and​ get a​ self-improvement source today. you​ don’t have to​ implement all of​ the advice you​ read - just take what fits into your​ lifestyle.

Now, let’s look at​ visualization. this​ is​ an​ extremely powerful treasure, and​ all of​ us have the ability to​ visualize. Ever since the first human had a​ fantasy, and​ it​ came to​ pass, the power of​ visualization​ has built entire civilizations.

Think about what you​ want, close your​ eyes, envision​ it, and​ see that you​ have accomplished it. this​ is​ only an​ exercise, but it​ is​ an​ exercise toward success. Never confuse visualization​ with “pipe dreams.” Visualization​ is​ an​ exercise to​ cultivate positive energy, move forward, and​ accomplish goals.

The hidden treasures you​ found today are patience, the ability to​ learn, and​ visualization. Again, you​ already had them, but patience will require a​ little extra work, as​ it​ does for​ all of​ us.

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