Discover Your Path To Success Part 2

Discover Your Path To Success Part 2

Time taken for​ self-analysis is​ so important in​ developing your​ road map to​ success. Let’s continue with a​ few more questions to​ ask yourself - before we go into the heart of​ the formula for​ personal success.

Are you​ easily distracted?

Most people cannot focus on​ a​ goal, without getting “side tracked.” When this​ cannot be helped, you​ can develop a​ new skill set, through meditation, self-hypnosis, or​ by learning not to​ give up. you​ can learn to​ meditate in​ a​ variety of​ ways. at​ my site, we have a​ course, but you​ can also find Yoga classes where meditation​ is​ taught. There are many good books and​ CD’s. a​ very good CD is​ Meditation​ Made Simple by John Daniels.

Picture it​ like this: Christopher Columbus truly had a​ one-dimensional personality; he was focused on​ finding an​ alternate route to​ Asia, to​ the point of​ being a​ poor “family man.” However, unlike most people, he stayed focused and​ never gave up.

Now you​ don’t have to​ give up everything in​ life to​ achieve a​ goal, but you​ have to​ focus on​ your​ goal, avoid giving up, getting depressed, and​ make up your​ mind to​ enjoy the journey. it​ is​ still wise to​ have a​ complete life by allowing time for​ your​ family and​ friends. if​ you​ stay on​ a​ straight course, you​ will be “ahead in​ the game,” but you​ will have to​ mentally focus on​ your​ end result, even in​ bad economic times.

Can you​ rationally separate good advice from bad?

you​ will hear many opinions – some will be constructive, and​ others will be useless. you​ will have to​ know the difference, by evaluating all advice without emotion, and​ with an​ open mind.

Is the ultimate reward worth the cost and​ sacrifice?

you​ should already know that you​ may invest time, money, work, or​ all three, to​ reach your​ ultimate goal. Envision​ yourself reaching your​ ultimate objective, and​ if​ it​ is​ worth all of​ the sacrifice, then you​ should move on​ to​ the next step.

Start moving forward now. if​ you​ didn’t write your​ goals down, evaluate them, and​ prioritize them, you​ should go back to​ part one again, to​ finish that assignment. Much similar to​ a​ business, you​ must have a​ written plan to​ move forward.

Just don’t worry about getting it​ perfect. None of​ us ever do, and​ your​ plans will change as​ you​ go. in​ fact, life is​ adapting to​ a​ constantly changing universe. Most of​ us cannot accurately predict the cycles of​ the economy. We design a​ plan and​ prepare to​ turn on​ a​ dime, if​ necessary. Everything in​ life is​ subject to​ change and​ all of​ us have to​ accept it.

Realizing this, you​ now proceed with caution​ toward your​ short-term goals.
Once you​ have designed your​ plan, there is​ no need to​ “wait until next year.”

Put your​ plan into action​ and​ take one forward step at​ a​ time. this​ one step is​ the biggest of​ all your​ steps, and​ your​ commitment to​ succeed is​ your​ “guiding light.”

Now, what were the “hidden treasures” you​ found in​ part two? The answer is​ focus, commitment, and​ acceptance. you​ already have them; all you​ need to​ do is​ get the most out of​ what you​ already have.

Discover Your Path To Success Part 2

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