Discover Your Path To Success Part 1

Discover Your Path To Success Part 1

Success can easily be compared to​ the “genie trapped in​ a​ bottle.” for​ many of​ us, it​ is​ a​ matter of​ finding a​ way to​ open the bottle, and​ then, follow a​ specific path. this​ path is​ filled with pitfalls, and​ traps, along the way, so it​ is​ wise to​ expand​ your​ vision​ by learning as​ you​ go.

To many people, success is​ a​ “fairytale” and​ as​ elusive as​ a​ Yeti. in​ reality, success is​ just around the corner, and​ sometimes already exists, as​ hidden treasure. I am not talking about sunken ships or​ Indiana Jones. What I am referring to​ are skills you​ already possess, friends and​ family who will help you, and​ accomplishments that you​ already have made.

When you​ put these hidden treasures, together, with your​ end goal in​ mind, you​ are on​ your​ way toward success. Now let’s look at​ a​ way to​ move forward every day, live a​ quality life, and​ help everyone around you, in​ the process.

Write all of​ your​ goals down, and​ keep them in​ a​ place that you​ will see. this​ could be on​ a​ piece of​ paper in​ your​ pocket, on​ your​ desk top, in​ a​ notebook, in​ your​ diary, or​ on​ your​ palm pilot. Wherever you​ put this​ information, it​ should be a​ place where you​ will see it, every day.

Separate realistic from lofty goals, but don’t throw lofty goals out. Also, separate short-term goals, from long-term goals, and​ design estimated time frames, for​ measured results. you​ don’t have to​ share this​ with anyone, unless they share the same goal. if​ you​ have, at​ least, one close friend, spouse, or​ family, who shares the same dream, you​ are in​ a​ very strong position.

However, you​ don’t need to​ be a​ “politician” to​ be successful, if​ you​ learn to​ focus on​ your​ goals, every day. Now we have to​ go over a​ few questions that will also help you​ design your​ road map toward success.

Will your​ goals hurt anyone? Will you​ have to​ step on​ anyone to​ get what you​ want?

if​ you​ answered yes to​ either one of​ the above questions, you​ should redefine your​ goal or​ goals, so you​ can achieve it​ or​ them without harming anyone in​ the process. if​ that is​ not possible, throw that goal out, and​ move on. your​ goals should help people and​ be morally sound.

Do you​ have a​ real passion​ for​ your​ goals?

this​ one is​ also important because, if​ your​ goal is​ “flipping burgers” for​ money, it​ won’t be long, before that gets old. I have yet to​ meet the person, who has a​ real passion​ for​ flipping burgers. Please don’t get me wrong, some people are very good at​ it, but I have known many short order cooks, who wish they were doing something else besides “slaving” over a​ hot stove.

What you​ choose, must be something you​ love doing, and​ the money will follow. There are so many people, who craft an​ occupation, based upon​ money alone, and​ learn to​ regret it. if​ you​ have a​ purpose in​ life you​ have “self-worth.” Self-worth is​ a​ very valuable hidden treasure.

Discover Your Path To Success Part 1

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