Discover The Wonders Of A Tempurpedic Mattress

How long have you​ owned the mattress you​ presently sleep on? Does it​ povide you​ with the quality of​ sleep you​ deserve? Do you​ ever wake up with any type of​ sleep soreness whatsoever, do you​ toss and​ turn or​ suffer from back pain? Have you​ ever heard of​ a​ Tempurpedic mattress? There are a​ number of​ reasons why people might be considering the feasibility of​ investing in​ a​ new sleep system. Maybe you've been considering it​ yourself for​ whatever reason.

if​ you​ have been or​ know someone who may be in​ the market for​ a​ new mattress, then a​ great place to​ start that comes very highly recommended is​ a​ company called Tempurpedic. They have literally revolutionized the sleep industry with their mattresses, pillows and​ mattress toppers made of​ viscoelastic memory foam material. to​ make a​ long story short, in​ the 70's, NASA developed a​ memory foam material to​ relieve astronauts of​ the pressures of​ high levels of​ "G force" in​ which they had to​ endure. Tempur pedic, a​ Swedish sleep system company, proposed an​ idea to​ NASA years later, and​ were granted permission​ to​ bring something new to​ the sleep world. What came out of​ this​ was the Tempurpedic mattress. Because of​ them, there are millions of​ people now experiencing a​ new level of​ sleep quality night after night.

Many millions of​ dollars were spent researching and​ developing this​ visco elastic memory foam material, and​ it​ carries with it, a​ number of​ amazing features. for​ one, it's viscoelastic properties, and​ for​ those who are not sure what that means, it​ simply has the ability to​ return to​ it's original shape. for​ example, you​ apply a​ force with your​ hand​ to​ it​ and​ it​ will completely mould to​ every contour of​ your​ hand, but once you​ remove the force (your​ hand), it​ will return to​ it's exact initial shape. it​ also carries with it, tempur sensitive qualities, which changes the firmness with varying tempuratures.

Below a​ certain​ tempurature, the mattress will become firmer, but your​ body heat will soften it​ where it​ needs to​ soften in​ order to​ relieve all pressure points in​ your​ body. your​ body will sink into the Tempurpedic mattress evenly. So you​ guessed it, not only are they temperature sensitive, they are also pressure sensitive. Those are not the only qualities of​ a​ tempur pedic mattress. They are also energy absorbing, body conforming, durable, hypoallergenic and​ considered the most comfortable mattress in​ the world. Please do not take our word for​ it, go out and​ try one out for​ yourselves. After a​ decade of​ these mattresses being on​ the market, Tempur Pedic wanted to​ bring an​ even better product to​ the table and​ now introduces the new Nimble Pedic mattresses, claiming to​ have surpassed the tempurpedic mattress. I haven't had the chance to​ try one out yet, but when I do, you'll be the first to​ hear about it.

The Tempurpedic matress sleep system can be a​ little pricey, but when you​ consider all the time you​ spend in​ bed, and​ how much your​ life will improve due to​ a​ perfect sleep night after night, how can you​ deprive yourself of​ that? you​ may think you​ are achieving a​ perfect night's sleep on​ your​ inner-spring mattress, try one of​ these Tempurpedic beds, and​ you​ will be almost sure to​ change your​ mind. But be careful, because many foam companies claim to​ make a​ top quality visco elastic foam mattress. The difference comes in​ the density of​ the foam. Tempurpedic foam has a​ density of​ approximately 5.3 lb/cu foot, as​ opposed to​ most competitors coming in​ at​ about 4 lb/cu foot. this​ makes a​ considerable difference in​ comfort, durability and​ body conforming quality levels.

I can go on​ all day about how great these mattresses are, and​ about how there is​ never a​ need to​ flip them, and​ how they have a​ skid proof​ bottom to​ prevent shifting and​ so much more they can offer you​ to​ take your​ sleep quality to​ levels you​ never thought were possible. However, nothing will be justified until you​ take one for​ a​ test drive, which will be your​ first step to​ achieving optimal sleep quality. you​ will ba amazed at​ the effect a​ quality night's sleep will do for​ you, your​ mood, and​ the overall way you​ feel all day long.

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