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Kids Know What They Want

When I was a​ child, it​ was easy. I'd sit down with a​ cup of​ hot cocoa, some cookies, and​ a​ sheet of​ paper to​ write my letter to​ Santa. I'd tell him everything I wanted for​ Christmas. I had no trouble identifying what I wanted. I didn't worry about whether I thought I could have it, how much it​ cost, or​ what other people would think. I knew what I wanted and​ I asked for​ it!

Sometime between those childhood years and​ becoming an​ adult, I became much less clear. What I wanted got lost in​ "shoulds," obligations, other people's opinions, and​ my own judgments.

this​ seems to​ happen to​ most of​ us. We lose touch with what we truly want. and​ how can we create what we want when we don't know what that is? if​ you​ long for​ more pleasure, passion, and​ purpose in​ your​ work and​ life, the clearer you​ are about what you​ want, the better.

But what if​ you​ don't know? What if​ you​ are unclear, stuck or​ confused about what you​ want?

The Santa Claus Question

"if​ I were Santa Claus and​ could bring you​ anything you​ wanted, what would that be?"

this​ is​ one of​ my favorite questions to​ help myself and​ my clients connect with what we truly want.

Here's an​ example: I was working with Janet (I've changed her name to​ protect her privacy) and​ she wanted to​ create a​ new information​ product for​ her clients. She had been thinking and​ thinking, yet she wasn't lit up about the ideas she had. She was stuck.

I requested she take a​ few moments to​ play in​ the field of​ all possibilities; to​ set aside all she had been thinking and​ all that she "knew" about what was and​ wasn't possible. She agreed.

I then asked "if​ I were Santa Claus and​ could bring you​ anything you​ wanted, what information​ product would you​ love to​ offer your​ customers?" Within​ a​ moment she knew! She was instantly energized by her idea. it​ was just the right offering for​ her clients. Plus she already had it​ mostly written so it​ would be very easy for​ her to​ create.

What was amazing was that, hard as​ she'd tried, she had not thought of​ this​ idea until just that moment. When she took a​ pause, shifted her attention​ to​ a​ different question, and​ opened to​ a​ broader range of​ possibilities, she got a​ new answer. With that answer she found clarity about what she wanted and​ the energy to​ create it. The rest was easy. She had the new product ready for​ her customers within​ a​ few days.

in​ your​ Life

Here's how you​ can play with the Santa Claus question​ to​ discover and​ uncover what you​ truly want.

1) Pick an​ area where you're unclear, stuck, or​ confused about what you​ want.


* a​ project at​ work
* your​ work life
* Redoing your​ bedroom
* Celebrating your​ birthday

2) Make an​ agreement with yourself. for​ just a​ few moments you'll set aside what you​ "know" is​ or​ isn't possible. You'll focus on​ WHAT you​ want and​ not if​ or​ HOW it​ could happen.

Remember you​ don't have to​ do anything based on​ what you​ discover; you're simply learning more about what you​ want. Play with this​ and​ see what happens.

3) Ask yourself the Santa Claus question. if​ Santa doesn't work for​ you, change the question​ to​ "if​ I could wave a​ magic wand. . ." or​ "if​ I were a​ genie offering you​ unlimited wishes. . . ."


* if​ I could ask Santa Claus for​ anything I wanted, what would I ask for​ with this​ project I'm working on?* if​ a​ genie appeared and​ offered me unlimited wishes, what would I ask for​ in​ my work life?

* if​ I could wave a​ magic wand​ and​ get whatever I wanted, what would my bedroom look and​ feel like?

* if​ Santa Claus could give me anything I wanted, what would I ask for​ to​ celebrate my birthday?

Be bold, wild, and​ outrageous in​ what you​ ask for. Usually once my clients get going with this, they have great fun making their Santa Claus lists.

Write down as​ many answers and​ details as​ come to​ you. you​ can always come back to​ the list and​ add to​ it. you​ can also return to​ the list later and​ see which ideas are worth exploring and​ pursuing.

Then What?

What happens next varies greatly, of​ course.

Sometimes, like Janet in​ the example above, you​ get clear immediately and​ are able to​ create what you​ want right away.

Other times something amazing and​ unexpected shows up in​ your​ life. Like the woman I know who got clear that she wanted to​ record a​ CD of​ her music. However, she didn't know where she would get the money for​ the recording session. Within​ a​ few weeks, she received a​ check in​ the mail for​ almost exactly the amount she needed. it​ was an​ unexpected inheritance from her grandmother!

Other times, the journey to​ what you​ want may take longer and​ require more action​ on​ your​ part. Still, knowing where you​ want to​ go is​ a​ BIG step in​ the right direction.

So ask yourself the "Santa Claus question" often and​ create more clarity, energy, and​ possibility for​ getting what you​ truly want in​ your​ life.


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