Discover Voip And Enjoy The New Way Of Communication

Discover VoIP and​ Enjoy The New Way of​ Communication
You've probably heard about VoIP technology or​ Internet telephony .​
Voice Over Internet Protocol is​ a​ new form of​ communication​ that enables you​ to​ telephone through the Internet for​ free or​ at​ a​ very low price.
Developers and​ entrepreneurs have created an​ industry around VoIP technology in​ its many forms: desktop applications, telephone services, and​ corporate phone systems .​
VoIP is​ an​ essential technology that have many aspects.
It seems that many communications firm foresaw the magnificence of​ VoIP technology, because by this​ time it​ is​ extremely widespread .​
VoIP is​ one the world's fastest growing industries .​
It almost covers the whole world.
in​ the last few years we could see a​ complete revolution​ in​ communication​ world: everybody begins to​ use PCs and​ Internet for​ job and​ free time to​ communicate each other and​ sometimes to​ talk each other.
VoIP can send voice over the Internet, rather than through the regular telephone network .​
The point is​ that analog voice is​ converted into digital signals (bits) and​ then backwards .​
It allows you​ to​ make and​ receive phone calls to​ practically any number worldwide including landlines, mobiles, international numbers etc.
To the businessman, VoIP is​ a​ single technology investment with many revenue streams .​
To the enterprise network engineer, it's a​ way to​ simplify the corporate network and​ improve the telephony experience for​ users of​ the network .​
for​ you, it's the best way to​ save money on​ the terrible phone bill.
and​ this​ is​ what makes VoIP so revolutionary .​
The big deal is​ that you​ can save great amounts on​ your​ phone bill, especially if​ you​ frequently make calls abroad.
When you​ are using PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) line, you​ always pay for​ time used to​ a​ PSTN line manager company: more time you​ stay at​ phone and​ more you'll pay .​
in​ addition​ you​ can't talk with more people at​ the same time.
But with VoIP technology, you​ can talk all the time with as​ many people as​ you​ want (the needed is​ that other person​ is​ also connected to​ Internet at​ the same time, like here, and​ as​ far as​ you​ want .​
What's more, you​ can share data with your​ partners .​
you​ can send images, documents and​ videos while you're talking .​
if​ you​ run a​ business, the advantages and​ the money you​ can save multiply.
But then, why everybody doesn't use it​ yet? Well, the only disadvantages are voice quality and​ call reliability compared to​ PSTN .​
VoIP applications require a​ real-time data streaming cause we expect an​ interactive data voice exchange .​
But this​ problem is​ solvable in​ the close future.

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