Discover The Secrets Of Andalucia The Axarquia

Discover The Secrets Of Andalucia The Axarquia

Mountain​ and​ coast, warm and​ fertile, rural and​ cosmopolitan, white and​ blue. These are all terms to​ describe the region​ of​ La Axarquia. on​ the easternmost part of​ the Costa del sol, near Malaga, protected from the cold northerly winds by the mountain​ ranges of​ Alhama, Tejeda and​ Almijara, and​ open to​ the African continent across the Mediterranean. Its priviliged location​ and​ climate attracted many cultures who chose to​ settle here: Romans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and​ above all Moslems. a​ land​ of​ history and​ legend, the mark of​ its past is​ still present in​ the many watchtowers dotted along its coastline. and​ the fact is, there was a​ lot to​ defend: its mountain​ ranges rising up to​ 2.065 m; its gentle slopes speckled with vines and​ almond trees: its wide fertile valleys boasting a​ sub-tropical micro-climate.. in​ one such valley lies the capital of​ La Axarquia, Velez-Malasga.

The region​ was, and​ is, a​ prized treasure for​ those who visit and​ settle here. Today La Axarquia is​ living a​ different splendour, provided by the cosmopolitan atmosphere of​ its coast, with important tourist infrastructures and​ the tranquility of​ the inland​ areas, where whitewashed villages hide and​ treasure their past, full of​ cultures and​ civilisations that gave them their unique charm and​ way of​ live.

The Axarquia offers some spledid tours to​ discover the many secrets of​ the area. One of​ the most interesting itineries is​ the Raisin​ Route, thus called because it​ is​ the raisin​ vineyards, planted on​ the south-facing hillsides, that lead us and​ show us the route. a​ route that passes through the immense heritage left by the last inhabitants of​ the region, of​ Islamic origin. this​ is​ reflected in​ the wonderful buildings in​ towns that date back to​ the 16th century, with parish churches whose belfries are, in​ fact, ancient minarets. The same inhabitants also left an​ interesting farming activity that continues to​ this​ day, such as​ Moscatel wine, famous and​ appreciated, which is​ produced from the region’s raisins using traditional methods.

The route begins in​ Moclinejo, a​ town with it’s own place in​ history, thanks to​ the Battle of​ La Axarquia, when the “Moriscos” rose up against the christian troops in​ this​ area. Following the raisin​ vineyards we como to​ Almachar, where you​ must try the delicious cold “ajoblanco” soup with “coles moreadas” washed down with local wine, before carrying on​ to​ El borge, the place from which the rebels in​ the aformentioned uprising came. a​ town with rebellious nature, which still lives on​ centuries later in​ the figure of​ the most famous bandit from Malaga: “El Bizco del Borge”.

The town of​ Cutar is​ famous, not only for​ its raisins, but also for​ its olive oil. The Parish Church combines its mudejar architecture with the rococo polychrome decoration​ of​ its chapel. From here we come to​ Comares, the Balcon​ de la Axarquia, so called for​ the amazing views. for​ this​ reason, the town was of​ strategic importance, proof​ of​ which are the two towers of​ its castle that still stand​ in​ the upper part of​ the town. The route comes to​ an​ end in​ Totalan, a​ land​ of​ almond groves and​ vineyards. Here, the Christians attempted to​ invade the town in​ an​ effort to​ surprise the Moslems. They did not succeed, thanks to​ the brave inhabitants, led by “El Zagal” (The Valiant) who managed to​ defeat the disorientated Christians.

Discover The Secrets Of Andalucia The Axarquia

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