Discover Redwood National Park

Discover Redwood National Park

Discover Redwood National Park, California
if​ exploring nature is​ your​ idea of​ a​ good vacation, then a​ trip to​ the Redwood National Park in​ northern California is​ a​ great choice for​ a​ holiday destination​ .​
this​ park is​ home to​ the world’s tallest tree which is​ known as​ Tall Tree, and​ is​ a​ beautiful natural exhibition​ of​ redwood trees .​
These trees can only be seen in​ California and​ China so your​ visit to​ Redwood National Park isn’t just a​ chance to​ be in​ the great outdoors, but it’s an​ opportunity to​ see these rare tall trees up close and​ personal .​
It’s even possible to​ camp out in​ the park, but facilities are extremely limited so you​ might want to​ look further into what’s available before deciding you’re going pitch a​ tent for​ the night!
There isn’t an​ entrance fee to​ this​ national park, nor is​ there an​ entrance station​ from the highway, so make sure that you​ call into the Redwood Information​ Center in​ nearby Orick, or​ the headquarters in​ Crescent City before entering the park .​
The information​ center also shows a​ short introduction​ to​ the park so you​ know what you’re looking at​ when you​ get there, and​ you​ can obtain​ a​ permit there to​ enter the gated Tall Trees Grove area inside the park – only a​ limited number of​ car permits are allowed each day so if​ you​ want to​ take the opportunity to​ admire the tallest trees in​ the world, a​ short detour to​ the Information​ Center before you​ enter the park is​ a​ must! Be warned however, this​ trip takes about 4 hours to​ complete and​ some of​ it​ is​ on​ a​ slow-speed dirt road so make sure your​ vehicle’s up to​ the challenge before setting off into the grove!
Hiking the Redwood National Park is​ possible but again, you’ll need a​ permit to​ be in​ the Tall Tree Grove area, and​ there are times of​ the year when hikers aren’t allowed in​ this​ area because of​ the footbridges across the creek being inaccessible .​
Another way to​ enjoy this​ beautiful part of​ upstate California is​ on​ horseback with riding trails being offered locally .​

The Redwood National Park is​ one of​ America’s natural gems and​ is​ extremely protected .​
It’s also well worth the effort of​ experiencing these magnificent trees up close if​ you​ are lucky enough to​ be able to​ do so.

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