Discover Palm Springs In California

Discover Palm Springs In California

Palm Spring is​ a​ famous oasis resort nestled between the mountains, not far from the Mojave Desert in​ California. it​ is​ a​ great destination​ to​ visit on​ a​ California Holiday with its many fairways, spa resorts and​ great entertainment.

Palm Springs is​ the ancestral home of​ the Agua Caliente Band​ of​ Cahuilla Indians. Their ancient healing mineral waters are still a​ part of​ the success story of​ Palm Springs. in​ the 1920s and​ 30s Palm Springs became known as​ the playground of​ the stars, and​ continued to​ be right through to​ the 1970s. During this​ period stars such as​ Steve McQueen, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant and​ The Marx Brothers bought homes here.

A short ride on​ the Palm Springs aerial tramway will take you​ to​ the top of​ Mount Jacinto into the cool alpine forests. The air can be up to​ 25°C cooler than in​ the desert, and​ it’s not unusual to​ be able to​ play in​ the snow in​ the winter months. The views from the top of​ the mountain​ are spectacular!

There are jeep tours that will take you​ out in​ the Mojave Desert. Here you​ can see desert life up close, from the wildflowers of​ the desert, to​ the San Andreas Fault. After the heat of​ the desert refresh yourself at​ Knott’s Soak City USA. this​ water park is​ fun filled with 18 wet and​ wild water rides!

if​ you​ are feeling brave, you​ might like to​ visit the ghost town of​ Calico. this​ was an​ old mining town abandoned in​ 1907. Some people believe that Calico is​ haunted by the spirits of​ the miners! Restoration​ started in​ the 1950s to​ bring it​ back to​ the condition​ it​ is​ in​ today – as​ a​ working museum. Attractions include staged gun fights, panning for​ gold and​ tours of​ the mines.

The Joshua Tree National Park straddles two deserts (Mojave and​ Colorado), and​ is​ a​ wondrous place filled with interesting rock formations and​ a​ wide variety of​ flora. it​ is​ worth hiking, or​ trekking it​ by horse.

if​ the outdoors aren’t really your​ scene, then you​ can shop until you​ drop at​ El Paseo, or​ play a​ round of​ golf before unwinding at​ a​ spa resort.

All in​ all there is​ plenty to​ do for​ the whole family on​ a​ California holiday to​ Palm Springs!

Discover Palm Springs In California

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