Discover The On Page Factors That Influence Search Engine Optimization

on​ Page Factors

These factors all relate to​ your​ own site and​ include your​ domain​ name, page names, meta tags, keyword density, titles, headings and​ last but not least the content.

if​ you​ know how to​ optimize these, you​ will improve your​ chances of​ a​ better ranking. But, remember, there is​ no guarantee as​ the exact formula (algorithm) used by the search engines is​ not known and​ is​ frequently changed.

* Domain​ Name – Should contain​ the keyword phrase that describes your​ niche and​ not be hyphenated. e.g

* Page Names – Each page should be dedicated to​ a​ specific topic that is​ related to​ your​ main​ theme. The keyword(s) that best describe this​ should make up the page name (hyphens are ok for​ this). e.g

* Meta Tags – These are HTML tags contained in​ the head section​ of​ your​ page. you​ should include your​ keyword(s) near the beginning of​ each of​ these tags. The text for​ the TITLE tag and​ DESCRIPTIon​ tag should be compelling, as​ this​ is​ what the visitor sees on​ the search results page and​ will influence their decision​ to​ click.

There is​ debate about the benefit of​ placing your​ keywords into the KEYWORD tag, but it​ can’t do any harm if​ you​ put them in​ once.

* Keyword Density – There are no fixed rules for​ this, but your​ keyword(s) should appear in​ your​ content between 1% and​ 3% of​ the time. e.g if​ your​ content is​ 500 words long, your​ keyword(s) should appear between 5 and​ 15 times. Too high a​ density could be seen as​ spamming.

* Titles & Headings – Putting your​ keywords or​ derivatives of​ it​ into your​ titles and​ sub-headings confirms the importance of​ your​ keyword within​ your​ page. Using H1 and​ H2 tags for​ this​ purpose can also help.

* Content – The golden rule is​ to​ write good quality unique content for​ your​ visitors. if​ you​ get that right, you​ have a​ good chance of​ keeping some of​ the search engines happy for​ some of​ the time. Rather keep your​ visitors happy for​ 100% of​ the time! if​ you​ have done your​ research and​ kept your​ content on​ topic, you​ should automatically produce a​ good mix of​ theme related keywords and​ keyword density.

A good idea is​ to​ get some help in​ the form of​ step by step instructions and​ coaching videos designed specifically for​ newbies.

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