Discover Old Town Pasadena California

Discover Old Town Pasadena California

Old Town Pasadena which basically runs down Colorado Blvd. from Pasadena Avenue on​ the West to​ Marengo Avenue on​ the east and​ on​ either side of​ Colorado Blvd. from Holly St. on​ the north to​ Green St. on​ the south is​ quickly becoming one of​ Los Angeles Countys busiest and​ most entertaining local gathering places.

Day or​ night, weekday or​ weekend the area is​ always "jumpin". People come from all over to​ dine, shop, visit art galleries, go to​ the movies, go dancing, listen to​ jazz and​ other types of​ music, be entertained by street preformers and​ most of​ all to​ relax and​ have fun in​ a​ safe, clean and​ pleasant atmosphere.

There are dozens of​ restaurants, most with outdoor patio dining, serving almost any type of​ ethnic or​ American cuisine you​ could wish for. There are night clubs offering a​ variety of​ entertainment, shops of​ all types, art galleries, antique stores, bakeries serving some of​ the best pastries found anywhere, movie theaters showing first run movies, book stores with coffee bars and​ if​ you​ like people watching, people of​ almost every nationality, culture and​ income, letting loose and​ having fun.

Park in​ one of​ the parking garages, on​ some of​ the side streets or​ avail yourself of​ the valet parking offered on​ the street in​ front of​ several of​ the restaurants and​ businesses and​ then walk to​ any place in​ Old Town. The city of​ Pasadena and​ the Old Town merchants and​ businesses have gone to​ great lengths to​ ensure your​ safety and​ well being without encroaching on​ your​ enjoyment of​ the area.

Go to​ the movies or​ take in​ a​ play, have a​ romantic dinner at​ JJ's (one of​ the best steakhouses arround) and​ then go dancing at​ one of​ the nightclubs. Go with a​ bunch of​ friends, have a​ delicious Italian meal in​ a​ casual setting at​ Buca di Beppo go shopping or​ window shopping and​ then join​ the festive people crowding the streets. Go back to​ the 1940s and​ 1950s and​ have a​ burger, fries and​ a​ shake or​ malt while listening to​ jukebox music at​ Johnny Rockets or​ Ruby's Diner, party to​ live music & DJ's with dance music from the 70's, 80's & 90's at​ Moose McGillycuddys, play pool on​ one of​ the 15 well maintained pool tables or​ watch a​ sports event on​ one of​ the big screen TVs at​ Jake's Billiards or​ have a​ delicious cappuccino and​ pastry while people watching from one of​ the many bakeries with sidewalk seating.

Discover Old Town, go there, relax, enjoy and​ have fun.

for​ more information​ about the city of​ Pasadena, California see, a​ directory of​ links to​ city of​ Pasadena, California guides and​ directories listing hotels, restaurants, churches, physicians, attorneys, information, resources, services, things to​ do, places to​ go, art galleries, service organizations, auto dealers, nursing homes, convalescent hospitals, antique dealers and​ more.

Discover Old Town Pasadena California

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