Discover Munich Visit The Most Famous Landmarks Of Munich.

Discover Munich Visit The Most Famous Landmarks Of Munich.

Munich is​ the capital city of​ the state of​ Bavaria and​ the third largest city in​ Germany. it​ is​ well known for​ its culture, architecture and​ the "Okoberfest" (the annual beer celebration). Getting around is​ easy because of​ its modern and​ efficient public transport system. on​ all major streets there are bike lanes, so it​ is​ safe and​ easy to​ travel by bike through the city. in​ Munich there are several interesting landmarks to​ visit like a​ large number of​ museums, art galleries, concert halls and​ historical buildings.

The most famous attractions in​ Munich are:

The Alte Pinakothek is​ one of​ the largest museums in​ Europe. it​ houses a​ large collection​ of​ paintings. this​ collection​ contains 800 paintings by European painters from the 14th century till the 18th century. Famous paintings in​ the museum are: Dürer's "Four Apostles"; Rogier van der Weyden's " columba-altar "; Altdorfer's "Battle of​ Alexander at​ Issus"; Botticelli's "Pieta" and​ Rubens' "Self-Portrait with his Wife". The Neue Pinakothek is​ Munich's museum of​ 19th century painting and​ sculptures. The collection​ consists mainly of​ German Romantics and​ French Impressionists. Goya, Manet, Renoir and​ Cezanne are some of​ the painters which works are on​ display.

The Deutsches Museum contains over 13 acres of​ exhibitions containing invaluable original machines and​ equipment, models and​ reconstructions, from classical mechanics to​ telecommunications, from a​ full-size reconstructed coal mine to​ space travel technology. Making the museum one of​ the largest museums of​ technology and​ natural sciences in​ the world. you​ can see airplanes, submarines and​ the first X-ray machine among other things. The live demonstrations and​ hands-on​ instructional aids are fun and​ informative for​ the visitor.

Built for​ the Olympic Games in​ 1972 with its tent-roof​ covering 75,000 square meters,the Olympic Park had become a​ well known landmark in​ Munich. this​ landscaped park contains sport facilities, lakes, bicycle paths, concert venues, restaurants and​ a​ football stadium. Don't miss the fascinating BMW Museum across the street, right next to​ the companies headquarters - which was constructed in​ the shape of​ a​ four-cylinder engine.

The Oktoberfest takes place every year late in​ September and​ runs to​ early October. The duration​ of​ the festival is​ two weeks.

Located at​ "Theresienwiese" you​ can drink beyond your​ limits, meeting folks from all over the world. All beer tents close at​ 11 p.m., so make sure you​ start your​ trip early enough. About 30% of​ the yearly beer production​ of​ all the big breweries in​ Munich are consumed during these two weeks. you​ can also visit a​ giant fun fair, side shows and​ souvenir stands. Every year the Oktoberfest welcomes nearly 7 million​ visitors. this​ makes the Munich Oktoberfest the largest festival in​ the world.

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