Discover The Mountainous Rainforest Above Puerto Vallarta

Just beyond Banderas Bay and​ the city of​ Puerto Vallarta, the Sierra Madre Mountains create an​ epic backdrop to​ one of​ Mexico’s premier destinations. Within​ the valleys and​ canyons of​ this​ mountain​ range, a​ lush rainforest serves as​ home to​ an​ incredible variety of​ plant and​ animal life. Though human residents are few within​ the Sierra Madre’s rainforest, tourists visit this​ enchanting natural environment everyday for​ a​ number of​ unique activities. on​ any given day in​ the rainforest, you​ can visit a​ strange colonial boomtown high in​ the mountains, swing from the treetops on​ a​ canopy tour and​ go for​ a​ simple hike through some truly incredible scenery. if​ you​ want to​ experience the rainforest while in​ Mexico, look no further than the Sierra Madre Mountains in​ Puerto Vallarta’s backyard.

in​ recent years, canopy tours have become a​ favorite adventure for​ tourists in​ Puerto Vallarta. Originally developed in​ the rainforests of​ Costa Rica, canopy tours allow thrill-seeking travelers to​ ride pulley lines between platforms high in​ the trees. During the tours, helpful guides are on​ hand​ to​ help even the most timid participants make the most of​ the scenic experience. as​ you​ glide from tree to​ tree, the guides will also point out unique plant life and​ offer plenty of​ information​ about the rainforest’s extensive ecosystem. Though the activity might seem dangerous, each tour is​ supported by an​ incredible array of​ safety equipment and​ open to​ children six and​ older. Ask your​ concierge for​ tour recommendations as​ some tour companies will pick up outside the best resorts and​ discounts are often available to​ guests.

if​ you​ want to​ go deeper into the rainforest and​ see the remains of​ a​ once-prosperous mining town, take the 15 minute flight to​ San Sebastian. Though seeing the town of​ San Sebastian can be an​ eye-opening experience, the journey can be just as​ captivating. The short tour flights fly low over the mountains and​ the rainforest canopy, passing picturesque waterfalls and​ canyons. When you​ reach the remote village of​ 500 situated at​ over 4,300 feet, it​ might be hard to​ spot San Sebastian’s prosperous past. Yet, remnants of​ the 18th century silver boom that drew over 30,000 people to​ the area are hiding throughout the countryside. Today, the current residents embrace tourists and​ love to​ share stories with curious travelers. One of​ the most interesting characters is​ Pachita, a​ 92-year old woman who has spent her entire life in​ San Sebastian and​ works at​ the town’s quaint candy story. Most tours to​ San Sebastian also include a​ fresh-cooked meal at​ one of​ the town’s colonial haciendas.

if​ you​ want to​ experience the natural beauty of​ the rainforest at​ the ground level, there are a​ number of​ hiking and​ biking tours available in​ Puerto Vallarta. Most tour companies offer different excursions to​ suit all ages and​ skill levels. The most popular hiking tours generally last 2-3 hours and​ wind through incredible vegetation, while the advanced tours incorporate all the best sites of​ the rainforest and​ can last all day. Along the way, tour guides will point out interesting species and​ assist tourists in​ bird and​ animal watching. Mountain​ biking tours offer similar opportunities, yet some tours also allow guests to​ ride from the cobblestone streets of​ Puerto Vallarta directly into the mountains.

While most of​ the tours mentioned here will provide transportation​ from your​ resort and​ food throughout the day, there are a​ number of​ items you​ should bring along for​ a​ day in​ the rainforest. for​ your​ comfort, you​ should pack both sunscreen and​ insect repellent and​ apply each throughout the day. if​ you​ plan on​ taking a​ dip in​ any of​ the rainforest’s waterfalls or​ lagoons, you​ might want to​ pack a​ swimsuit and​ towel. to​ make the most of​ the scenery, you​ should also bring along binoculars and​ a​ camera to​ preserve the memories.

if​ you​ are looking for​ some unique outdoor activities for​ your​ trip to​ Mexico and​ Puerto Vallarta, look no further than mountains above the city. as​ the rainforest and​ all of​ its activities lie just a​ few miles from the luxurious resorts of​ Puerto Vallarta, this​ special destination​ is​ able to​ provide the best of​ both worlds unlike anywhere else.

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