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Model train​ manufacturers have done a​ great job of​ recreating life size trains as​ realistic models. and​ they’ve been doing it​ since the late 19th century when electric model trains first appeared. Take a​ moment to​ discover the magic of​ model trains.

Germany is​ where it​ all began when Marklin​ introduced their full line of​ model trains back in​ 1891. Their first trains were based on​ earlier toy models and​ were available in​ three scales. They were made from tin​ and​ were very crude, but they were a​ great success.

Then, in​ 1901, Joshua Cowen entered the market with Lionel trains. Lionel would soon​ come to​ dominate the model train​ market in​ America.

of​ course there were other companies that came on​ board with their own lines of​ model trains. Ives, American Flyer, and​ Marx all introduced model trains.

Because model trains are so interactive they are a​ great choice for​ children and​ adults. Even the youngest children can enjoy them. It’s not uncommon​ for​ adults to​ recall their first train​ when talking about their fondest childhood memories.

Lionel was quick to​ recognize the importance of​ starting train​ collectors at​ a​ young age and​ that’s why they’ve got wooden train​ sets for​ ages 4 to​ 6. By the age of​ 8, kids are ready to​ be introduced to​ S scale, G scale, and​ the ever popular HO scale electric trains. and​ the hobby continues into adult life. of​ course expanding on​ your​ model trains is​ just a​ matter of​ time, money, creativity, and​ space.

There are several different scales of​ model trains to​ choose from to​ fit your​ space, budget, and​ personal preferences. for​ example, if​ you​ are limited by space you​ can choose one of​ the smaller scales. Here are some of​ the most popular scale choices you​ have.

1. Z Scale is​ a​ 1:220 ratio. it​ is​ tiny and​ highly detailed, and​ is​ an​ excellent choice if​ you​ have limited space.

2. N Scale is​ a​ 1:160 ratio. it​ is​ the second smallest scale available and​ it’s a​ great choice for​ the hobbyist that want to​ be able to​ incorporate scenery and​ longer trains.

3. HO Scale is​ a​ 1:87 ratio. it​ is​ probably the most popular scale of​ model train. There is​ an​ endless supply of​ trains, cars, tracks, buildings, and​ scenery. The detail on​ HO is​ good and​ a​ fabulous setup can be put together in​ a​ reasonable amount of​ space.

4. S Scale is​ a​ 1:64 ratio. it​ is​ larger than the HO and​ is​ popular among those with plenty of​ room. it​ is​ the scale of​ American Flyer products.

5. O Scale is​ a​ 1:48 ratio. it​ is​ a​ popular choice for​ young children because they are able to​ easily handle them. Lionel carries a​ full line of​ O scale for​ the young ones.

6. G Scale is​ a​ 1:22.5 ratio. it​ is​ the perfect choice for​ the garden set up. Bachmann, L.G.B, and​ Aristo-Craft all make G scale trains.

To put together your​ model train​ you​ will need at​ least one engine along with some train​ cars. you​ can decide whether you​ want passenger cars or​ freight cars. and​ of​ course you​ will need train​ track. The type of​ track and​ how much track you’ll need is​ a​ personal choice.

You’ll also need a​ transformer to​ provide the electricity to​ your​ train. Then all that’s left is​ the scenery you​ want. Choose trees, tunnels, people, signals, or​ a​ host of​ other items.

if​ you​ are looking for​ a​ fun and​ rewarding hobby, why not discover the magic of​ model trains?

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