Discover Malibu, California

Discover Malibu, California
Located west of​ Los Angeles on​ the coast of​ southern California, the name Malibu brings to​ mind beaches, bikinis, and​ beer – and​ a​ few movie stars! Boasting an​ astounding 21 miles of​ coastline along the Pacific Ocean, it's one of​ the most popular beachside towns in​ America .​
One of​ the geographic highlights of​ this​ area is​ that most of​ the Malibu beaches facing south – offering a​ touch of​ paradise for​ those who love the sun!
Despite it’s reputation​ for​ being a​ star-magnet, Malibu tends to​ be a​ secluded town—many celebrities make their home, or​ weekend retreat, in​ Malibu, and​ the privacy of​ those stars is​ well protected with gated areas that only the lucky few with personal invitations can get through – as​ long as​ you​ walk below the high tide line however, you​ can walk the beaches in​ front of​ many of​ the homes belonging to​ the rich and​ famous! Some of​ the beaches are private however, including some nudist beaches, but these beaches are in​ secluded locations .​
if​ you​ want to​ check out the Hollywood scene and​ perhaps rub shoulders with the rich and​ famous in​ an​ informal setting, you'll find that Malibu is​ a​ great the place to​ go – you​ never know who you​ might bump into on​ the beach!
Although Malibu isn’t a​ place to​ find attractions and​ theme parks, it​ is​ a​ place where you​ can enjoy some of​ the finest coastal views that the world offers, and​ the area is​ not without a​ few highlights – including the Malibu Pier which was damaged by storm, but has now been restored, and​ the Sierra Retreat with it’s beautiful gardens.
Because of​ the strict parking laws enforced in​ Malibu, it​ may be worth paying a​ little extra for​ an​ accommodation​ nearer the beach if​ you’re just there for​ the sun and​ surf and​ leave the car hire for​ tourists who aren’t so well-informed!
With stunning ocean views, and​ endless sun-filled golden beaches, Malibu is​ the ultimate beach vacation​ – and​ the possibility of​ bronzing up next to​ a​ celebrity just add to​ the fun of​ a​ relaxing vacation.

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