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Maine is​ known world over for​ its spectacular rugged coastline, with over three thousand​ islands and​ picturesque harbours. Maine is​ full of​ traditional New England​ towns and​ quaint costal villages that feature excellent shopping and​ fine family friendly restaurants. Maine evokes images of​ ship building and​ nineteenth century sea captains. By the middle of​ the nineteenth century Maine had established itself as​ the ship building capital of​ the USA. Some of​ the world’s finest sailing boats are still built here.

Up and​ down the coast there are mansions built by wealthy sea captains, and​ ancient lighthouses, many of​ which have been converted into bed and​ breakfasts. Maine has several well known lighthouses such as​ the Portland​ Head Light at​ Fort Williams Park. it​ was commissioned by George Washington​ in​ 1790, and​ is​ the oldest one in​ the state. There are sixty working lighthouses up and​ down the Maine coast.

The town of​ Freeport is​ known internationally for​ its impressive range of​ outlet stores, making it​ an​ international shopping mecca. The main​ street is​ home to​ Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic and​ the L.L. Bean flagship store, which is​ open 24 hours a​ day, every day of​ the year! There is​ also a​ Brooks Brothers and​ a​ Jockey store. Many of​ these outlet stores sell at​ a​ heavily discounted price, so you​ are bound to​ find a​ bargain​ or​ two!

Maine is​ famous for​ its cranberries and​ blueberries... blueberry pie… drinking fresh cranberry juice on​ a​ summers day… picking delicious wild blueberries.

No mention​ of​ Maine is​ complete without a​ word on​ lobster. Marching steadily across the Atlantic’s rocky floor into the waiting traps of​ local lobstermen, the tasty crustacean is​ the state’s most noteworthy culinary claim to​ fame. Clams, shrimp, scallops and​ mussels are also found in​ abundance off the Maine coastline, and​ can be enjoyed in​ one of​ the many great restaurants on​ the coast.

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