Discover Lake Tahoe Yosemite Squaw Valley And Napa Valley

Discover Lake Tahoe Yosemite Squaw Valley And Napa Valley

The Sierra Nevada Mountain​ Range serves as​ a​ beautiful backdrop to​ a​ spectacular region​ known for​ its natural beauty and​ year round activities.

Lake Tahoe is​ 22 miles long and​ 12 miles wide. Lake Tahoe has 72 miles of​ shoreline, making it​ the largest alpine lake in​ North America. The sun shines for​ three quarters of​ the year and​ the water in​ the lake is​ so pure that it​ is​ 99.7 percent clear! The 72 mile drive along the shores of​ Lake Tahoe is​ spectacular. it​ is​ listed as​ one of​ the most beautiful drives in​ the USA. in​ the winter months, the Lake Tahoe region​ becomes the largest concentration​ of​ ski resorts in​ North America. There are 19 ski resorts including terrain​ to​ challenge at​ all levels, and​ other winter pursuits such as​ sledding and​ snowmobiling.

Yosemite has become one of​ the ‘must sees’ for​ visitors to​ California. The rarefied mountain​ atmosphere of​ California’s Western Sierra is​ enhanced by the stunning scenic vistas of​ this​ truly unique part of​ the world. Yosemite is​ famous for​ its granite monoliths such as​ El Capitan, spectacular waterfalls and​ vast wilderness. Its scenic features include alpine wilderness, giant sequoia tree groves and​ the Yosemite Valley itself. The discovery of​ one tiny gold nugget set off the great California Gold Rush of​ 1849. you​ can still pan for​ gold. Experience what it​ was like to​ travel in​ the old days on​ a​ paddle steamer cruise, a​ steam train, or​ a​ Wells Fargo stagecoach. Discover quaint museums, tour a​ mine, explore caverns, taste your​ way through farm trails, or​ try white water rafting on​ some of​ the best rivers in​ the west.

The Squaw Valley is​ one of​ the top ski resorts in​ North America, and​ is​ world renowned. Squaw Valley resort hosted the Olympic Winter Games in​ 1960. There is​ a​ large choice of​ activities to​ do here, including skiing and​ snowboarding.

The Napa Valley is​ less than one hour’s drive north of​ San Francisco. The rolling hills and​ sun drenched valleys of​ Northern California’s wine country have welcomed visitors since before the Gold Rush. The Napa Valley produces some of​ the finest wines enjoyed world over. Even if​ it​ did not, it​ would still be considered the jewel in​ the crown of​ North California. Kissed with bay fog at​ the valley’s southern tip which borders the San Pablo Bay and​ continuing 30 miles north to​ the base of​ Mt St Helena, the valley ranges from 1 to​ 5 miles wide, and​ is​ protected by low mountains on​ the east and​ west. it​ is​ surrounded with acre after acre of​ world renowned vineyards!

Discover Lake Tahoe Yosemite Squaw Valley And Napa Valley

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