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of​ course you​ know about Southern California's premier attraction, Disneyland​ in​ Anaheim, but did you​ know that less than ten (10) minuets down the freeway, in​ Buena Park, is​ another great amusement park, Knott's Berry Farm.

Knott's Berry Farm, America's first theme park, is​ located at​ 8039 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA 90620, telephone number (714) 220-5200 and​ has over one hundred fifty (150) rides in​ six themed areas: Ghost Town, Fiesta Village®, The Boardwalk, Indian Trails, Wild Water Wilderness® and​ Camp Snoopy which is​ the official home of​ Snoopy and​ the Peanuts characters. The park is​ home to​ the high-flying 3,125 foot Silver Bullet roller coaster which sends riders climbing to​ a​ height of​ 146 feet and​ soaring back down an​ initial drop of​ 109 feet. it​ has a​ top speed of​ fifty five (55) miles per hour and​ riders will experience spirals, corkscrews, a​ cobra roll, and​ overbanked curves. it​ is​ also home to​ the 118 foot tall GhostRider, one of​ the longest and​ tallest wooden roller coasters in​ the world with a​ 108-foot initial banked drop, 13 additional drops, sudden dips, banked turns and​ maximum G-forces of​ 3.14

Wild Water Wilderness is​ home to​ Bigfoot Rapids which "is a​ thrilling, outdoor whitewater river raft ride that will bounce, toss, spin​ and​ splash passengers as​ they brave fast moving currents and​ dodge soaring geisers as​ they experience the unforgettable fun of​ shooting the rapids". Towering cliffs, huge boulders, cascading water falls, soaring geysers and​ trees, shrubs and​ wild flowers--all indigenous to​ California--combine to​ create an​ authentic setting for​ Bigfoot Rapids.

At Camp Snoopy, the whole family can enjoy many of​ the rides, "made for​ the young and​ the young-at-heart. Ride our new Charlie Brown Speedway, or​ Woodstock's Airmail (the kid-size version​ of​ Supreme Scream®), have the kids take you​ for​ a​ spin​ at​ Rocky Road Truckin' Company, or​ check out Timberline Twister the smallest of​ our rollercoaster family".

The park holds numerous restaurants and​ shops and​ has it's own first class hotel, The Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel, which offers a​ variety of​ packages to​ suit your​ needs, including Snoopy themed rooms for​ children where Snoopy himself will visit and​ provide "tuck in" service.

Check out Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, where 20,000,000 guests have eaten Mrs. Knott's traditional chicken dinners. "Each dinner is​ made from the "just-right" plump birds she insisted upon, and​ the fixin’s still include lighter-than-air buttermilk biscuits, fluffy mashed potatoes, rich chicken gravy and​ mouth-watering farm-fresh vegetables". The menu features other items as​ well including various lunch and​ dinner entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches and​ a​ complete Farm breakfast featuring French toast, pancakes, and​ daily specials.

Knott's Berry Farm is​ an​ amusement park and​ resort for​ the whole family, try it.

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