Discover The Joy Of Tandem Skydiving In Ohio

Discover The Joy Of Tandem Skydiving In Ohio

Ohio’s extreme sport centers offer patrons the opportunity to​ experience tandem jumps, accelerated free falls and​ other related programs. They provide you​ a​ chance to​ discover a​ passion​ for​ the thrill of​ skydiving.

you​ don’t feel more alive as​ you​ do when you​ are freefalling from the sky. Tandem jumps allow you​ to​ explore the world of​ skydiving safely with your​ jumpmaster. for​ those who want to​ take it​ further you​ could consider doing an​ accelerated free fall (AFF) program or​ a​ accelerated student program (ASP) which once completed allows you​ to​ jump solo. Ohio has many extreme sports centers, here is​ a​ look at​ some that offer tandem jumps and​ AFF.

Tandem Jumps at​ The Cleveland​ Parachute Centre
Located at​ 15199 Grove Road, Garrettsville your​ first tandem jump would cost $219, successive jumps are cheaper and​ if​ you​ do your​ 2nd jump on​ the same day it​ is​ priced at​ $119. Look out for​ special discounts such as​ the Fall Special. Add another $80+ and​ you​ could have a​ VHS tape or​ DVD of​ your​ free fall and​ landing, which you​ can relive every time you​ view the recording. at​ Cleveland​ Parachute Center you​ can train​ on​ the VR Skydiving Simulator and​ get a​ real feel of​ what the jump will be like. 15 minutes on​ the simulator are considered similar to​ the experience of​ 3-4 jumps. Some of​ the courses offered at​ this​ extreme sports center include static line course, accelerated static line course, tandem course, tandem freefall progression​ and​ AFF.

Finding your​ Way to​ The Centre
if​ you​ are coming from South-West Cleveland​ then take Rt. 82 East to​ the light turn at​ Hiram where you​ proceed to​ the Rt. 700 North for​ about 2 miles. Take a​ right turn to​ Allyn Rd. and​ a​ two mile drive east and​ you​ will find us on​ the right on​ Grove Rd. for​ those who are driving in​ from Pittsburgh choose the turnpike West to​ Ohio Exit 209 and​ after the toll booth you​ will need to​ take Rt. 5 West and​ drive for​ a​ mile. Next you​ take the 534 North to​ 82 West at​ the traffic light and​ at​ the stop light you​ proceed onto the 88 North for​ five mile. on​ your​ left is​ Grove Rd. and​ another 1.2 miles down it​ will bring you​ to​ the Center.

Skydive Greene County
Set in​ the beautiful greater Dayton, Ohio-Miami Valley the Skydive Greene County is​ proud of​ its fleet of​ airplanes that include the Super Otter and​ Cessna 182. When you​ do your​ first tandem jump with the Skydive Greene County it​ includes training as​ the actual jump. With an​ enormous area this​ extreme sports center offers restrooms, a​ T.V viewing area where you​ can see your​ jump recording. Furthermore the center allows free camping at​ its drop zone.

Prices and​ Directions
Price of​ a​ tandem jump is​ $205 but there are also discounts that can be availed. Weekday prices and​ group prices are lower and​ there is​ also a​ discount for​ college students and​ military personnel. Located at​ 177 S. Monroe-Siding Rd. Xenia the center is​ easy to​ locate. From Dayton​ select the US35 East to​ Xenia and​ move on​ to​ the bypass to​ use the Bickett Rd exit. Here you​ will need to​ turn right and​ drive until you​ reach the flashing light at​ Jasper Rd, where you​ turn left. a​ mile down you​ will find the S. Monroe Siding Rd on​ your​ left. a​ 1/4th mile drive will bring you​ to​ the Center

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