Discover The Joy Of Tandem Skydiving At California's Extreme Sports Centers

California’s extreme sports centers offer tandem jumps for​ beginners as​ well as​ accelerated free fall and​ accelerated student programs for​ those who want to​ pursue skydiving more seriously. at​ affordable prices with discounts they offer a​ chance of​ a​ lifetime.

Want to​ experience the thrill of​ skydiving and​ not have to​ worry about safety issues? Then consider tandem jumps at​ California’s extreme sports centers that offer tandem jumps, accelerated free fall programs and​ accelerated student programs. Harnessed to​ a​ trained and​ experienced jumpmaster you​ will experience about 90 seconds of​ freefall followed by 5-7 minutes of​ parachute descent. The square parachutes used ensure a​ smooth ride down and​ also an​ easy landing.

Skydive Santa Barbara

Situated at​ the Lompoc airport at​ 1801 North H Street, Suite G, Lompac, Skydive Santa Barbara is​ easily accessible. if​ you​ are driving in​ from Santa Barbara it​ should take you​ about 45 minutes to​ get to​ this​ extreme sports center. Move North on​ 101 and​ take the Highway 1 Exit after the Gaviota tunnel and​ head North until you​ reach the Lompac traffic light. Turn left into Ocean and​ drive on​ till H Street and​ turn right. Move on​ till you​ go past the Central Avenue. Now the Lompoc airport will be on​ your​ left. Move into the airport from the George Miller Drive and​ find the Center next to​ the Airport beacon​ Tower.

Programs and​ Prices

The Skydive Santa Barbara offers tandem jumps as​ well as​ accelerated free fall programs (AFF). The first tandem jump costs $199 and​ the second $159. The AFF program costs $149 per level of​ the 7 level programs until you​ are ready to​ jump solo. Reservations need to​ be made 1-2 weeks ahead of​ schedule and​ a​ $50 deposit needs to​ be provided per person. Some of​ the additional facilities available here include oxygen for​ high skydives!

Skydive Taft

The Taft Airport is​ the location​ of​ the Skydive Taft, which offers patrons a​ chance at​ tandem jumps as​ well as​ accelerated free fall programs. it​ also offers jumpers and​ their friends a​ chance to​ relax in​ its wonderful patio and​ barbecue area. Also available is​ a​ bunkhouse where you​ can decide to​ stay the night and​ get an​ early start on​ the skydiving!

What’s on​ Offer?

your​ first tandem jump will cost $180 and​ the prices for​ groups are slightly lower. an​ AFF program begins at​ $280 and​ the price goes down as​ you​ complete levels. Skydive Taft offers discounts to​ students, military personnel, birthday groups, etc. a​ non-refundable $50 deposit is​ required per person.

Finding Skydive Taft

From Los Angeles the Skydive Taft is​ about an​ hour and​ 45 minutes away. Take the Interstate 5 North and​ Exit Highway166 and​ turn left. After a​ 23-mile drive till Maricopa move right onto Highway 119/33 by the Shell Station. 8 miles more and​ you​ are at​ Taft. at​ Kern Street make a​ right turn and​ the Skydive Taft is​ at​ the first hangar of​ the airport.

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