Discover Jj Steak House In Pasadena California

Discover Jj Steak House In Pasadena California

Have you​ been looking for​ that perfect romantic restaurant to​ take a​ date or​ spouse to? Do you​ like old fashion​ elegant steak houses with lots of​ dark rich wood, plenty of​ marble and​ romantic lighting? Do you​ like the idea of​ a​ large fireplace? Do you​ like soft romantic harp music played by a​ very talented harpist? Do you​ like excellent leisurely attentive service where you​ never feel rushed? Do you​ like personal attention​ from the owners? Do you​ like aged prime cuts of​ beef that are exceptionally well prepared? Do you​ like fine wines and​ a​ relaxed quiet atmosphere where you​ can enjoy good conversation​ with your​ guest?

There is​ a​ spot in​ Pasadena, California that gives you​ all that and​ more. JJ Steak House which is​ on​ the upper floor at​ 88 W. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105, telephone number 626-844-8889.

JJ Steak House, which is​ fairly pricey for​ a​ Pasadena area restaurant is​ inexpensive when compared to​ comparable restaurants in​ Chicago, Los Angeles and​ New York. There is​ an​ old saying, you​ get what you​ pay for, however in​ this​ case, with JJ Steak House you​ get more than you​ pay for. I have been to​ a​ few restaurants that may be slightly better than this​ one, however their prices were all considerably higher. I have also been to​ many restaurants that are not nearly as​ good but still charge much more.

this​ place is​ not in​ a​ ritzy glitzy building, is​ not in​ Beverly Hills, Manhattan or​ on​ the Loop, does not have a​ fancy entrance with expensive cars parked in​ front and​ you​ can walk or​ drive past it​ every day without knowing it​ is​ there. What it​ does have is​ great food served well in​ a​ romantic setting. if​ you​ appreciate fine quiet elegant dining with excellent fare served properly at​ very reasonable prices, you​ will love JJ Steak House. By the way, it​ is​ JJ Steak House not JJs Steak House.

if​ you​ like loud music, a​ noisy atmosphere, fast impersonal service or​ if​ you​ think that Sizzler Restaurants serves delicious prime rib, then JJ is​ not the place for​ you.

this​ steak house is​ very popular, therefore reservations while not required are a​ good idea, especially on​ Friday and​ Saturday nights.

for​ a​ directory of​ restaurants and​ restaurant reviews in​ the city of​ Pasadena, California see, a​ directory listing Pasadena restaurants alphabetically and​ by category or​ type with reviews written by restaurant customers.

Discover Jj Steak House In Pasadena California

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