Discover Hollywood Boulevard

Discover Hollywood Boulevard

Discover Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Hollywood Boulevard is​ one of​ the most famous areas of​ Los Angeles, and​ one that is​ a​ must-see for​ movie lovers who want to​ visit their favorite actors star on​ the Walk of​ Fame .​
if​ this​ is​ your​ intention​ on​ visiting the area however, be prepared – there’s now a​ lot of​ stars on​ that boulevard, and​ finding the one your​ looking for​ could take some time .​
Unless you’re interested in​ seeing who else is​ honored with a​ star, save some time and​ buy a​ guide map which will show you​ exactly where your​ idol’s star is​ located!
Once a​ part of​ the seedier side of​ LA, Hollywood Boulevard has had something of​ a​ face lift in​ recent years and​ there are now a​ number of​ interesting places worth taking a​ look at, as​ well as​ a​ modern mall which provides some relief from the California heat, as​ well as​ allowing a​ little retail therapy to​ help take your​ attention​ away from your​ tired feet having walked around the Boulevard! Movie lovers will have a​ great time at​ the Hollywood Museum on​ Highland​ Avenue – here they’ll find not only props and​ posters, but exhibits such as​ the Hannibal Lector’s cell from the Silence of​ the Lambs .​
if​ you​ prefer your​ exhibits to​ be a​ little more interactive and​ educational however, walk a​ little further on​ past the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and​ you’ll find the Hollywood Entertainment Museum which has, amongst other things, a​ backlot tour .​

for​ those visitors who want to​ see the home of​ Oscar, as​ well as​ the Hollywood sign, Hollywood & Highland​ is​ the place to​ be .​
Here you’ll find the familiar building of​ the Kodak Theatre which is​ the current Academy Award venue, as​ well as​ an​ archway through which to​ admire the Hollywood sign in​ the distance.
There are a​ number of​ smaller museums which offer a​ taste of​ Hollywood’s past as​ well as​ the celebrities who made it​ famous so make sure that the first stop you​ make is​ at​ the Visitor’s Information​ Center so that you​ don’t miss anything on​ your​ walk down one of​ the world’s most famous Boulevards.

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