Discover The Highlights Of Northern California

Discover the Highlights of​ Northern California
When people think of​ California, they usually think of​ Los Angeles and​ movie stars, or​ alternatively, Palm Springs and​ golf courses .​
But there's a​ lot of​ fun to​ be had up north too.
San Francisco is​ probably the most well-known city in​ northern California, and​ offers a​ wide range of​ activities for​ visitors to​ enjoy .​
From trolley cars to​ Ghirardelli chocolate and​ onto Pier 39, there's no limit to​ the amount of​ fun to​ be had in​ this​ cosmopolitan city .​
With shopping galore, sea lions down on​ the beach, restaurants enough to​ satisfy even the most varied of​ taste buds, and​ history that includes earthquakes and​ the infamous Alcatraz prison.
if​ you’re looking for​ a​ more peaceful trip to​ the area, Yosemite National Park offers something for​ the inner nature lover in​ all of​ us .​
Whether you​ want to​ enjoy the scenery from a​ hotel room window or​ camp out in​ a​ tent to​ enjoy nature up front and​ personal, you'll find what you're looking for​ at​ Yosemite .​
Even farther up north is​ the amazing Redwood National Park, with its gigantic trees and​ serene atmosphere .​
Here you’ll gain​ not only a​ true appreciation​ for​ the beauty and​ diversity of​ this​ world, but will also find a​ new perspective on​ life!
It’s not really possible to​ mention​ northern Californian highlights without mentioning the Napa Valley area .​
for​ the wine aficionados of​ the world, Napa Valley is​ heaven on​ earth .​
There are wine tasting parties and​ open houses almost year-round – just make sure to​ call ahead or​ check on​ the Internet to​ see what the latest information​ is .​
The Napa Valley also has some amazing landscapes to​ appreciate.
for​ history buffs, the northern California is​ a​ gold mine of​ Spanish missions, gold rush exhibits, and​ railroad museums .​
if​ you're interested in​ how California evolved into to​ what it​ is​ today, you'll love exploring all of​ the museums and​ exhibits dedicated to​ this​ time period.
Whatever you’re looking for​ in​ a​ vacation, whether it’s wild nights or​ wildlife, or​ high living or​ high summits, you’re sure to​ find it​ in​ beautiful northern California.

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