Discover The Hidden Superpower Of Your Mind

Discover The Hidden Superpower Of Your Mind

The mind is​ an​ infinite wonder. it​ has the fantastic ability to​ transmute your​ desires into their physical counterparts. you​ can do anything that your​ mind can conceive, as​ long as​ you​ have the belief and​ will power to​ back it​ up.

Take the case of​ cancer patients who were given placebo pills. These are just plain​ pills that have no healing capabilities. So how did they get well?

The power came from their thoughts. They were told that these pills contain​ the highest amounts of​ cancer-fighting ingredients which can effectively cure them in​ a​ matter of​ days.

See how powerful your​ mind is?

They believed that their health will be restored. They have registered in​ their minds that these pills will cure them of​ their illnesses. in​ the process, the belief embedded within​ their subconscious came to​ reality.

So how can you​ use your​ mind to​ achieve your​ dreams? One of​ the most effective ways is​ to​ use the "as if" principle.

Act as​ if​ you​ are the person​ you​ want to​ be. Act as​ if​ you​ are already in​ possession​ of​ whatever you​ long to​ have.

So what do you​ want to​ be? you​ want to​ be a​ lawyer, doctor, athlete, or​ newscaster? Think, act, and​ feel like one. You'll be much closer to​ your​ goal if​ you're constantly intact with your​ objective. Be obsessed with your​ dream. it​ doesn't mean that if​ you​ want to​ be Superman you'll fly out the window. Not a​ good idea!

It's not enough that you​ act like one, but you​ have to​ actually ACT. Do what needs to​ be done. you​ might get so lost in​ your​ fantasy dream world that you've forgotten to​ take some action. Let your​ visions encourage and​ motivate you​ to​ actualize your​ purpose.

The problem with the people of​ the modern world is​ that they are too preoccupied with worries, anxieties, and​ negative emotions. as​ a​ result, they are adversely affecting their state of​ health.

White lies have become prevalent nowadays in​ order to​ ease the burdens or​ to​ persuade others to​ do things that they thought are unattainable.

There was once a​ weightlifter who couldn't lift weights in​ excess of​ 300 lbs. So his coach devised a​ clever idea and​ told him that the barbell he has to​ carry weighs only 300 lbs. With all his might, the weightlifter managed to​ put it​ above his head. After he puts it​ down, the coach told him that he has just lifted 350 lbs. of​ weight! It's all in​ the mind!

A famous person​ once said, "Whenever you​ think you​ can or​ you​ can't, you're right."

if​ you​ think you​ are poor, then you​ are; unless you​ properly condition​ your​ thoughts to​ the positive mindset. I know it's hard to​ think rich if​ your​ environment is​ not conducive to​ such way of​ thinking. Use your​ imagination​ then! Visualize your​ house to​ be a​ mansion, your​ old car to​ be a​ limousine,... Well you​ get the picture.

There is​ absolutely no limit with what the mind can achieve. But you​ have to​ combine belief, will power, and​ action​ with positive thinking in​ order to​ arrive at​ your​ intended destination.

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