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Discover Fisherman’s Wharf in​ San Francisco, California
Fisherman’s Wharf is​ one of​ the major tourist areas of​ San Francisco, California and​ it’s one of​ the major must sees in​ the city not only because of​ its links to​ maritime history but also because of​ the amount of​ things to​ do there .​

One of​ the most easily recognized buildings in​ Fisherman’s Wharf is​ the Maritime Museum, known almost as​ much for​ its ship-shape building as​ it​ is​ for​ the exhibits that document San Francisco’s maritime past .​
Anyone who is​ even a​ little bit interested in​ ships or​ their history will enjoy a​ wander around this​ museum .​

for​ a​ taste of​ a​ different kind of​ history, check out Ghirardelli’s original premises that are also located in​ the Wharf area .​
Although the world class chocolate is​ no longer made here, you​ can see where the Ghirardelli story began and​ even purchase some chocolate there .​

Some of​ the major attractions in​ Fisherman’s Wharf are to​ be found on​ the piers .​
in​ particular vibrant Pier 45 where amongst other things you​ can buy some freshly cooked seafood right on​ the pier, visit Ripley’s Believe it​ or​ Not museum, and​ if​ you’re up early enough, catch the fishermen taking their boats out into the ocean .​
Pier 49 may be a​ great place for​ the tourists, but it’s still a​ working pier for​ the local fishermen .​

Pier 39 is​ another place you’ll find fun and​ attractions such as​ the Riptide Arcade and​ the Turbo ride making it​ an​ especially good place to​ visit if​ you’ve got kids in​ your​ party .​
for​ a​ little less excitement but no less awesome, visit the Aquarium of​ the Bay and​ look at​ the beautiful sea life that surrounds you​ as​ you​ walk through the glass-roofed cave .​
Finish off your​ visit to​ Pier 39 with a​ ride on​ the beautiful two-tiered San Francisco carousel .​

No visit to​ Fisherman’s Wharf would be complete without taking an​ ocean trip out into the bay, and​ so Pier 41 must be on​ your​ itinerary as​ this​ is​ the departure point for​ most of​ the boat trips in​ and​ around the bay – including those to​ Alcatraz.
San Francisco is​ full of​ amazing things to​ see and​ visit and​ Fisherman’s Wharf is​ just one of​ them! Be sure to​ make some kind of​ itinerary before you​ leave home or​ you’re sure to​ miss something out that you​ really wanted to​ see.

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