Discover Eaton Canyon In Pasadena California

Eaton​ Canyon​ Natural Area Nature Center, entrance, 1750 N. Altadena Drive, Pasadena, Ca. 91107, is​ a​ 190-acre natural park is​ located at​ the base of​ Mt. Wilson. There are five miles of​ nature trails, an​ equestrian trail, creeks and​ a​ waterfall. The canyon​ is​ very lush and​ has beautiful displays of​ local flora and​ fauna. The park is​ open daily sunrise to​ sunset.

The Los Angeles County Department of​ Parks and​ Recreation​ supervises and​ maintains this​ "zoological, botanical, and​ geological wonderland​ situated at​ the base of​ the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains. With its hiking trails, wildlife, rocks and​ minerals, and​ plants, there is​ something for​ everyone to​ enjoy". at​ the entrance to​ the park you​ will find a​ 7,600 square-foot building containing many "fascinating displays, live animals, offices, classrooms, an​ auditorium, restrooms, and​ an​ information​ desk/gift shop". The Center is​ open from 9 a.m. to​ 5 p.m. daily, during which time a​ staff member is​ present to​ assist you. Both docent-guided and​ self-guided tours are available in​ Eaton​ Canyon. Reservations are required for​ either type in​ order to​ ensure that everyone has a​ pleasant experience.

One of​ the best places to​ visit in​ the park is​ the Eaton​ Canyon​ Waterfalls. According to​ Eaton​ Canyon​ Nature Center Associates "for​ a​ spectacular view of​ Eaton​ Canyon, hike to​ the 50-foot Eaton​ Canyon​ Waterfall". "There is​ water at​ the falls year-round, but in​ dry seasons and​ during the summer months the stream bed may be partially or​ totally dry. in​ order to​ reach the falls you'll have to​ cross the stream bed several times, but only in​ the wettest months will this​ be particularly difficult".

Camping is​ available by permit at​ Henninger Flats, rest rooms, drinking fountain, picnic area, a​ Visitor's Center and​ a​ plant nursery are located in​ the flats. No permit is​ needed to​ picnic or​ use the facilities.

Over fifty (50) species of​ plants, twenty (20) types of​ mammals, including mule deer, bobcats, coyote, fox and​ mountain​ lion, over one hundred fifty (150) species of​ birds, including hawks, vultures, owls, heron, pelican and​ eagles as​ well as​ numerous reptiles, amphibians and​ fish are found in​ the park.

for​ more information​ or​ to​ reserve a​ camp space you​ can contact the park directly at​ (626) 398-5420.

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