Discover The Easiest Hassle Free Way To Decorate A Cake

Discover The Easiest , Hassle Free Way To Decorate a​ Cake
The easiest way to​ decorate a​ sponge cake is​ to​ place a​ paper doily on​ top of​ the cake and​ sprinkle icing sugar through a​ sieve .​
But like everything else, to​ do with cake decorating there is​ a​ right and​ wrong way! First make sure the cake is​ flat .​
if​ not cut away the curved surface, upturn the cake and​ use the base as​ the top .​
Spoon​ icing sugar into a​ fine nylon​ sieve – away from the cake – then hold over the cake, and​ gently tap the side of​ the sieve to​ distribute a​ fine layer of​ sugar over the cake .​
Remove the doily very carefully.
Alternatively, cover the top of​ the cake with icing and​ tie a​ wide band​ of​ ribbon​ around the sides .​
this​ is​ a​ quick way to​ make a​ cake look special .​
if​ the cake covering is​ either marzipan or​ sugarpaste (roll-out icing) the edge of​ the icing can be crimped .​
Crimpers are cake decorating tools, rather like tweezers with decorative ends .​
They are used on​ soft coverings to​ make various patterns and​ are a​ quick and​ effective way of​ decorating cakes, even wedding cakes .​
if​ marzipan is​ popular, use it​ to​ completely cover a​ cake .​
After crimping around the top edge, decorate the top of​ the cake with colourful marzipan fruits.
Iced cakes need a​ decoration​ at​ the base – between the cake and​ board .​
this​ usually consists of​ a​ piped border, but a​ band​ of​ ribbon​ around the base of​ the cake looks just as​ good, particular if​ it​ blends in​ with the cake decorations .​
Another base border is​ to​ make a​ long, narrow roll of​ sugarpaste or​ marzipan .​
Stick the roll along the base of​ the cake and​ use crimpers to​ make a​ pattern.
Glace icing is​ well known as​ a​ quick coating for​ a​ cake .​
Instead of​ making this​ type of​ icing with water, use egg white instead .​
Icing made with egg whites is​ thick and​ very white .​
Just froth the white up slightly and​ gradually add icing sugar until the right consistency .​
Test this​ by dropping a​ spoonful of​ icing back into the bowl .​
The mark it​ makes should disappear within​ a​ moment or​ two.
Buttercream is​ another quickly applied icing .​
But make sure it​ is​ soft enough (like beaten double cream) otherwise it​ will pull crumbs from the surface of​ the cake .​
The safest way to​ make sure this​ does not happen is​ to​ cover the cake with a​ thin​ layer of​ melted jam .​
Leave it​ in​ the fridge for​ an​ hour, and​ then coat with buttercream.
There are lots of​ cutters around now to​ cut a​ variety of​ shapes from marzipan or​ sugarpaste .​
Making models from moulds is​ also a​ very quick type of​ decoration​ .​
Figures, animals, drapes, and​ all types of​ models can be made from marzipan or​ sugarpaste .​
Sugarpaste can be too soft for​ modelling, so either blend some flowerpaste into it​ or​ add CMC (a gum additive) one teaspoonful to​ 250g, wrap tightly in​ a​ plastic bag and​ leave for​ an​ hour or​ two to​ allow the gum to​ work before using.
To prevent the paste sticking, lightly dust the surface, of​ the paste and​ the mould with icing sugar .​
Make sure the paste is​ crack free by kneading it​ slightly before using, then press firmly into the mould .​
Cut away any excess paste, knock out of​ the mould carefully and​ leave to​ dry in​ a​ warm area .​
To secure the models in​ place use Sugar Glue or​ soften down a​ knob of​ sugarpaste with a​ drop or​ two of​ water

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