Discover The Costa Blanca In Spain

Discover The Costa Blanca In Spain

The city of​ Torrevieja in​ Spain​ is​ located about half way between Alicante and​ Cartagena. it​ belongs to​ the in​ the Providence of​ Alicante. The name Torrevieja means old town in​ English. it​ offers plenty to​ do for​ everyone, singles, couples and​ families with small children.

The weather in​ Torrevieja is​ hot in​ the summer and​ mild in​ the winter. The beautiful summer weather makes this​ area one of​ the most popular summer vacation​ spots in​ the Costa Blanca area. The city is​ a​ popular destination​ for​ British, German and​ Scandinavian tourists as​ well as​ visitors from other areas of​ Spain.

Travelling to​ the spanish Costa Blanca

Alicante airport is​ the closest for​ travelling to​ Torrevieja. The airport has several large and​ small carriers that offer a​ variety of​ flight options, both within​ Spain​ and​ internationally. Prices for​ tickets vary according to​ the season. a​ few discount airlines fly into this​ airport, offering great deals on​ flights.

Once you​ arrive at​ the airport, you​ have several options for​ travelling to​ the city. Buses run on​ fairly regular schedules. Taxis are available to​ the city. if​ you​ prefer not to​ use public transportation​ or​ want the freedom to​ travel throughout the area, you​ may want to​ consider a​ car rental. Car hire companies are plentiful and​ most will pick you​ up at​ the airport.

Things to​ do around the area

this​ area of​ Spain​ is​ known for​ salt production. There are two huge salt lakes around Torrevieja. These lakes produce about a​ half a​ million​ tons of​ salt per year. Salt, fishing and​ tourism are the major industries in​ the area. The Museum of​ Sea and​ Salt offers a​ look at​ the history of​ the major industries in​ the area.

The natural salt production​ in​ the area has other benefits for​ visitors. The Natural Park of​ the Lagoons of​ the Mata offers salt baths. These are relaxing and​ have health benefits as​ well. The baths are great for​ illnesses, such as​ arthritis and​ various skin​ conditions. The park also has plentiful fauna and​ a​ variety of​ exotic birds.

Torrevieja has one of​ the largest open air markets in​ Spain. this​ market is​ located near the bus station. it​ offers fresh fruits and​ vegetables every Friday. There is​ also a​ craft market, which may be of​ interest. The craft market is​ located close to​ the harbour. Vendors offer jewellery, carvings and​ leather goods.

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy playing in​ Torrevieja. There are many golf courses in​ the area, such as​ the Torrevieja Golf Club. Green fees range from thirty five to​ eighty Euros. The price you​ will pay depends upon​ the course you​ play and​ the time of​ year.

Music lovers will find plenty to​ enjoy in​ the city. an​ international music festival is​ held in​ the city every year, in​ late July to​ early August. The Habanera Festival features choral groups from all over. Music is​ common​ in​ clubs, bars and​ restaurants.

There are many choices for​ fun, if​ you​ are travelling with children. The Aquopolis Water Park offers rapids, a​ wave pool, slides, a​ swimming pool and​ baby pool for​ fun in​ the water. There are water activities for​ all ages, from infants through adults. The park also has mini golf and​ restaurants. you​ can enjoy lunch in​ the restaurant or​ bring along a​ picnic lunch.

Indiana Bills is​ a​ soft play park. this​ park is​ geared for​ children under the age of​ twelve. this​ is​ an​ indoor, air conditioned play area. The kids will have fun climbing, jumping, sliding and​ crawling. Since it​ is​ located indoors, this​ park is​ a​ good choice in​ bad weather or​ any season.

Discover The Costa Blanca In Spain

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