Discover Cape Cod New England

Cape Cod is​ a​ narrow peninsula that stretches seventy miles out into the Atlantic Ocean. it​ is​ connected to​ the mainland​ by a​ pair of​ bridges that span the canals. Cape Cod is​ approximately one and​ a​ half hours drive from Boston. There are many quaint seaside villages and​ harbours here, fresh water lakes, and​ miles of​ beautiful scenic beaches!

The climate of​ Cape Cod is​ mild, making it​ a​ great holiday destination​ all year round. Typically, the sea remains warm enough to​ swim in​ right up until the middle of​ autumn. Cape Cod along with the islands of​ Nantucket and​ Martha’s Vineyard have miles of​ beautiful beaches. Most beaches are open to​ the public, however there are some beaches that require season​ permits.

The islands of​ Cape Cod are readily accessible from the peninsula, and​ are great destinations for​ day trips. These islands were some of​ the first colonies formed by the English, and​ started out as​ whaling or​ trading posts. Now these islands are some of​ the wealthiest regions, with vast estates owned by some of​ the richest families in​ the country.

Cape Cod is​ one of​ the few places that the North Atlantic Right Whale can still be found, as​ they are one of​ the most endangered species on​ the planet. What better way to​ see one on​ your​ holiday than taking a​ whale watching cruise!

The Olde Kings Highway has been named one of​ the most scenic roads in​ the US. it​ runs the length of​ the Cape, and​ has many great boutiques, antique shops, and​ craft shops located up and​ down it.

Cape Cod features some of​ the best fresh seafood in​ the whole of​ New England, from clam chowder to​ fine fresh lobster, be sure to​ sample them at​ one of​ the many restaurants on​ the Cape!

All in​ all Cape Cod makes a​ great destination​ for​ your​ holiday to​ New England!

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