Discover Buca Di Beppo In Pasadena California

Discover Buca Di Beppo In Pasadena California

Do you​ like hearty Southern Italian food served in​ hugh portions? Do you​ like to​ eat untill you​ are stuffed and​ still have a​ ton​ of​ leftovers to​ take home? Do you​ like to​ eat where everything is​ delicious, fresh and​ well prepared? Do you​ like thick aromatic sauses on​ your​ spaghetti and​ other pastas and​ meats? Do you​ like a​ highly varied menu? Do you​ like a​ noisy, brightly lit family style restaurant where it​ seems like one big constant party? Do you​ like restaurant employees, servers and​ supervisors that treat you​ like a​ member of​ the family? Do you​ want to​ go where you​ can dress casual or​ dressy and​ not stand​ out either way? Do you​ want a​ restaurant where they love kids and​ want everyone to​ enjoy themselves? if​ the foregoing sounds good, then you​ will love the Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant in​ Old Town, Pasadena, California. By the way, the management are very attentive and​ if​ you​ become unhappy about anything let them know and​ they will do their best to​ make things right.

I normally prefer small quiet dimly lit restaurants where I can relax and​ have a​ quiet conversation​ with my wife and​ or​ guests, however the food and​ service are so good at​ this​ Buca di Beppo that anytime I crave Southern Italian food, this​ is​ the place that I pick. Additionally, my wife and​ I can invite two to​ serveral guests, treat and​ not break the bank. at​ first glance portion​ prices seem fairly high, however each portion​ can feed two to​ three people with plenty of​ food left over for​ our guests to​ take home. Our biggest problem is​ deciding which entrees to​ order. They are all so good. Note: this​ is​ an​ extremely good place to​ hold a​ birthday party or​ office function.

if​ there are just two of​ you, you​ may wish to​ try eating on​ their rather small patio and​ do some people watching, or​ you​ may want to​ eat at​ their kitchen table which holds up to​ six people, which of​ course is​ in​ the kitchen. this​ is​ a​ very popular table and​ it​ is​ almost impossible to​ obtain​ without a​ reservation.

this​ restaurant is​ located at​ 80 West Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91105 on​ the corner of​ DeLacy and​ Green streets, kitty corner from the Twin​ Palms Restaurant and​ at​ the edge of​ the Pasadena Old Town district. There is​ not much in​ the way of​ street parking but there is​ a​ large parking garage on​ Delacy between the Twin​ Palms and​ the JJ Steak House Restaurants. Reservations are not required for​ regular seating but this​ place is​ extremely popular and​ reservations are a​ good idea. Buca's telephone number is​ (626) 792-7272.

After eating you​ might find it​ a​ good idea to​ walk off some of​ that food by taking a​ stroll through Old Town. The Old Town district has plenty to​ see and​ do. Visit the boutiques and​ shops, check out an​ art gallery, take in​ a​ movie, go dancing at​ one of​ the night spots, watch everyone else or​ if​ you​ manage to​ walk off some calories have coffee and​ a​ pastry at​ one of​ the sidewalk restaurants or​ bakeries.

for​ a​ directory of​ restaurants and​ restaurant reviews in​ the city of​ Pasadena, California see, a​ directory listing Pasadena restaurants alphabetically and​ by category or​ type with reviews written by restaurant customers.

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